Your Invitation.

The focus of this Blog started with a post I made on facebook:


Ok….so here I sit after having just decided to hide or un-post or whatever it is you do to pull something off of my falcebook page. A send-up of Romney for being a DUMBASS, and a twist on the political flavor of that day, the Sam Jackson ad video, “Wake the F*** Up!” Seems some of you guys are focusing too much on the serious side FOR US ALL about this guy. You have barely touched on the humorous side. And yes, BOTH sides were intended. I CANNOT STAND THIS GUY!!!!

Look. I know you guys are pissed. I AM TOO! And guess what. All of this Lessor of Two Evils crap Ain’t Getting’ a F’n Thang Done! WE have screwed up royally! We lost the last little grip we had on controlling/influencing DC. Period! If you disagree….pinch yourself! If you feel it and you still feel the same, GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!
And NO. It’s not funny, but let’s be honest. Some of you can’t see the humor because ALL THE JOKERS are in the way.
You want to have this discussion? Here’s your invitation. Here’s the rules.
We all have opinions, you know the rest.
Speak up. But keep in mind, opinions stop being opinions when they can be proven wrong. Knock yourself out, but own your words if you risk crapping against the wind.
Keep it here. Can’t say I won’t have to hide anything, but I won’t delete anything. Everybody needs the same scoop.
Be respectful, and open to the possibility that there is more common ground among us than Political Parties want us to think.
Do what you can to increase the size of the conversation.
Use your brains. Our kids are ignorant, and that’s being charitable, but supposedly anyone 45 – 65 years of age is not technically ignorant.
We’ll see.

3 Responses to Your Invitation.

  1. Hugh Boger says:

    As we all know, November 6th is a critical day for the future of our country. It is with a great sense of duty and commitment that I prepare to cast my vote for one of the presidential candidates. However, it is with both trepidation and dismay that I note one major topic that has yet to be adequately addressed by either candidate. And, that’s the topic of the publically consumed quesadilla.

    In some restaurants, ordering a quesadilla will result in two full-sized tortillas with ingredients spread within and throughout. Alarmingly, quesadillas ordered in the very same community could result in just one tortilla, ingredients on a single half of that tortilla, and then folded over. If the former is called a “quesadilla”, then the latter must be a “half quesadilla.” But, it’s not. It, too, is a quesadilla. It can’t be both. Can it? Should it?

    Rumor has it that President Obama is going to mandate restaurants to serve a quesadilla with two full tortillas. Although this sounds great for the consumer and general public, the second tortilla will actually be paid for by taxpayers – whether you eat quesadillas or not. Mitt Romney would have us believe that we should be happy with a one tortilla quesadilla; however, he will most likely continue to require two when dining out. He may even give tax breaks to 5 star restaurants that offer a two tortilla quesadilla to their most exclusive guests (top 1%). Then there’s the Tea Party stance on quesadillas – “Why in the hell do we even serve quesadillas [pronounced Kay See Dih lus] here? This is AMERICA!”

    It’s confusing and somewhat depressing. But, I will take a stance and cast a vote regardless – out of fear that the 21st century will do to the quesadilla what the 19th century did to the Great American Buffalo. Not on my watch. Not without a fight.


  2. Felecia says:

    I had a talk with someone today, and proved to that person that they DEFINATELY are NOT better off than they were last year! I surprised myself! High Five!!


  3. Felecia says:

    I apologize for my joke. The person I was referring to was your father, who would vote Democrat if a gorilla was running in place of Obama! The part about the better off was very true, and he had to admit it! I love you dearly! Mom


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