The Red-Faced Book.



It’s no secret that I despise facebook. It’s certainly no secret to the few who haven’t unfollowed me there. No secret to the large number of facebook friends, family and strangers who keep trolling through my feed even though I stopped posting there completely until recently.

The lies and bullshit that turned facebook into fakebook (known/denied for years now) became too much for me. Fake news stories and opinions (even fake opinions) based on garbage or twisted, contorted innuendo took over feeds in some cases. Semi-serious analysis points to a 2 to 1 margin for fake stories on pro-Trump feeds over others. Don’t make the mistake of allowing the exoneration of one side. Instead indict both sides for the swift kick in the balls we are still absorbing from Tuesday week.


As disturbing as all the fake noise and real noise of the 2016 campaign was, the problem for me was your silence. Almost nobody within eyesight of my feeds or my blogs or whatever would join in any discussion at all. On EITHER SIDE of this contest you said little or nothing. Now that we have to survive the epic embarrassment of Trump, pleas to give him a chance to succeed aren’t connected to reality, only Reality TV. The Constitution itself stands as proof that a Trump Administration has failed. The road Trump dragged us down to the 2nd Electoral College only victory in sixteen years has caused a Systemic Failure. Whether he leaves in one day or month or eight years, Trump is forever tainted and so are we.

So what the hell do we do about this crap? Not Trump, but your silence; the same silence that equals your consent. The same enabling of bad people to say and do perhaps horrific things because people I thought were good people (yes…my definition) said nothing…did nothing, or very little.


So, I wonder…silently…aloud…way too loud, I wonder. Why?

Why the silence? The vote is over now. As lazy or convenient or self-serving I believe that silence to have been (that’s way up high on my BS Meter), the silence NOW is bordering on absurdity. We just elected a fool and carnival barker to the highest office in the land and I’m not at all sure how many of you feel about that.

Claim Trump. Own him! Reject Trump. Disown him!


Just pick one already. And stick your holiday jam recipes up some Chump’s ass.

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