If You Were Silent in 2016,

then here we sit my Brothers and Sisters, on the first Sunday after We sinned. So many of us remained silent during this Election for various self-serving reasons. The election is over. Speak now.

“…We sinned.”

As you sat in the Church pews this morning (if you’re so inclined) or held vigil on the Sunday Talk Show Circuit (precisely as I did) or desperately dug through info on the Political mood of your friends, family and followers on Social Media (an exhausting task for those who’d not gotten the head start), as you did what you did on Wednesday and beyond, did you reflect on the sins you committed on the road to casting your vote on Tuesday?

I haven’t attended a Church service in a long time. I certainly haven’t scuffed the knees of my pants praying, but please keep reading as I try to explain what we’re guilty (my opinion) of getting right and wrong. This is a Bi-partisan guilt trip. This is not a me thing, it’s a WE thing. This is my critique and my confession to you all, if not to a God.

We faced a moral dilemma on Election Tuesday. The ‘lesser of two evils’ argument appears to have been skipped rather than answered.

So as Christians, or as a Christian Nation:

Did we not worship false prophets? On one side, Clinton: a Centrist so late to join the Populist Movement that she couldn’t be believed as a True Progressive or; by extension; truthful. On the other side, Trump: a person so devoid of ideology or empathy that he would praise the Black Plague for ‘choosing’ not to wipe out his genetic line decades ago. A man so vain that any imperfection in his reflection is the mirror’s fault…or the person who made the mirror…or the defective person or wall or genie holding the mirror.

Taking the name of God in vain…check.

Sunday is Holy? It’s plain to see the only thing holy about Sunday are nets and goals.

We did honor our parents in a sick and twisted way. We extended their influence for 1 or 2 more generations. People who insisted on or accepted Racism and Discrimination and Inequality were on their way to being Dinosaurs, but more importantly their toxic policies were dying out. The grandchildren will pay for this in a radically disproportionate way than the grandparents do.

Kill? N/A.

Adultery is tolerated across all Religious and Political boundaries.

Stealing? N/A.

Lord, Lord, Lord did we bear false witness on a grand scale. Lies were a staple of the entire Circus.

Did we covet? Are you kidding me? From the number of people who’d like to get into Melania’s pants or look at the pics from her past, to give me a job or a raise or a voice or say or tax-cut or education or just plain old ‘GIVE ME A GOD DAMNED CHANCE!’ With the best and worst of intentions we’ve redefined ‘Gimme’ as a Constitutional right … like happiness as a right, not the suggested and protected ‘pursuit’ that it is.

We can make up for our transgressions in 2018. It will take generations to grant us forgiveness. I mean that quite literally. Our children and grandchildren will be asked to forgive us, and they will if we join them.

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2 Responses to If You Were Silent in 2016,

  1. Along with friends, I worked diligently for Hillary to win (sure, flawed, but a brilliant and caring stateswoman). Disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on last Wednesday morning. Yes, let’s not continue to be divided but get back to decency, caring and practicing The Golden Rule. We need to care for one another in this new paradigm of a world.


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