The Big Top Is Taken Down


Elephants, Donkeys and Others head to their trains.


Today the Big Top of the 2016 Political Circus is dismantled, but with new and careful instructions, labels and markings on how to reconstruct it in a purposeful way. The purpose or redesign of what became and has been widely panned as The Un-Greatest Show on Earth has the potential to be constructed to fit any need, even the needs that created this Circus; this cycle. What if it repeats and “they” again try to drain their personal swamp into Washington DC? Then, I’ll let the lapsed yet inner Catholic in me bid you ask that God help us. Help the US. I may risk a lightning strike and ask for help myself.


If we squander the lessons of time and sentiment, of demography and science, of freedoms and divisions which were exposed during this 3-ringed spectacle…

Blind and Blindsided Both Begging to Be Boss

…then we lose. We the People lose.


In twelve hours the decision will likely be reached that Hillary Clinton will defeat Trump and become the 45th President of the Greatest and most powerful Country in the World. The first stories of the late evening’s round tables on Television and Social Media will celebrate that victory with glee, as will many. Post celebration, the Media had better insist on starting and furthering the widest respectful public discussion about the messages that carried the day for the winner this time around, and of the messages and messengers that failed. All of this will shape support or opposition to Hillary, the Democrats, and the Post-Election Republican Factions.


Within a week of the Polls closing, we’ll know where all the chips fell.

How many different brooms will we allow to be used as we sweep up all the chips?


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