A Farewell to Facebook…for now.

Dear Friends,

And I mean that sincerely, not for some vain or fawning reason, but because I have no little “f” friends. That’s by choice. I have no use for them, not because I don’t care, because I’m as bleeding heart as they come, right? I don’t have the time for them because of all the crap my hands have been full of up to now. Unfortunately I mean that both figuratively and literally, to which my wife and daughter can attest. : )

So, what is this? Well, after much soul searching, my best guess is just…it’s time.

Notice the title of this post. “LGBT” was what I had initially saved the file as when I decided it wasn’t necessary to do the “good deed” I had planned to do; even penned to do. I almost let some people off the hook for disrespecting and disregarding my Sister and her Spouse. I wish nor mean no malice towards the people to whom I refer, truly, but I decided to leave the hook set squarely where it is, because I believe that it’s caught in the correct fishes’ mouths. I can understand that some of you may disagree, and I’m open to rational discussion, but it’s time for vocal, visible support for the causes I care about, and the people I care about. I was about to post this additional comment to my Sister’s post:


“With reluctance, I must explain a comment I made to my sister, and disavow much of what two of her daughters posted to me in response.

As I read my sister’s post (2 ½ days after the attack on the LGBT Nightclub in Orlando), I interpreted it as a public acknowledgment of her need for comfort and support, and her frustration that only one member of her friends and family had reached out to her. That frustration is shared by far too many members of the LGBT Community who have been ostracized by friends, family and society as a whole. These people need support, especially now that the LGBT Community is the new high mark for Mass Murder in America. I saw my Sister’s post 2 hours later and did a very simple thing. I clicked the like button, and made a comment of support to her post.

Fully two days after my comment, I made an additional comment lodging my dissatisfaction with what I perceived with the lack of response my sister received to her cry for help. To be clear, my sister has a great many friends and family. I expected more. I was disappointed and I wanted to publicly note my disappointment.”


It’s all true of course, but it hardly tells the whole of the story, or the emotion I felt towards this issue. Anyway, in the famous words of Angus Duke recently, “blah, blah, blah.”

So let’s consider this my “time-out” for almost doing the wrong thing…again. A Facebook time-out. I simply cannot justify or afford getting mired down in “friend and family correctness”. Two years back or so I did a similar thing just to avoid some petty political spats with people who didn’t or wouldn’t use their grey matter, and that matters to me a shitload.

Here’s why, and I’ll be blunt. On Social Media in general, but especially on Facebook, I’ve been disrespected by people who barely know me, and on Facebook, many of those people used to be my family. I suppose they think they know me, but they just know a snippet. The same, more or less, as I know some of them.

Anyway, let me say that people mean something to me, a fact that doesn’t cross my lips or fingertips often enough and I didn’t want to disappear without an explanation. I know what I know and believe what I believe because I’m damn smart and I’m a survivor. That’s not bragging, it’s the truth. I’m lucky enough to have done some cool things that not everyone has the opportunity to do. Also, I’ve had to do some things that scared the shit out of me and still does today, and I’m only referring to the first twelve years of my life. More fear followed.

Life wasn’t good for a long while, but there have been great times. I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t change a thing, but I look forward to a great future, I have a great wife, great children and grandchildren. Like I said…some of you know a different ME. Nobody knows every ME. I’m not special. The same is true for all of us. Simply put, it’s just that for me, Facebook is starting to hurt too much.

So, if you have my phone number or can get it, you’re welcome to use it. I’m not going to give out my personal email to Facebook. If you have it or can get it, feel free to use it while it lasts. I’ll provide an alternate address I manage. I advocate for the I AM HERE for Veterans Program; @IAMHEREforVets and #IAMHEREforVets on twitter, email, or on the web at I AM HERE for Veterans . We strive to help make life better for the Veterans who need help and damn well deserve it, including myself and some of you. Especially Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Addiction. I’ll be concentrating my efforts there and with Congress during this election cycle.

Just no more Facebook. No senseless drama. No more lies…I lied for a living for years and I maintained my own lies and other peoples lies for nearly five decades.

That’s enough. That’s over. It’s time.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for whatever it is that you add to my life, even if neither of us knows what that is.

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