Running Colors


I got into this situation with,

trepidation with,

attempted communication with the Nation

but my Nation was small; most on vacation.


I remember how I got into this

to say how I’m not into this

pot-of-piss Political division.

I’m not into derision.


I made a decision to speak my piece.

That revision remains the centerpiece

of each literary master piece of fiction or fact

I publish, hoping someone will react.


But I watched as my mini-world turned micro.

Saw my comments flying solo.

Noticed stalkers on the down-low, sneaking info.

Some folks creeping on their kin folk.


Us vs. them since twenty-twelve, in the fall.

Purple ice began to thaw.

Solidarity melting provided clarity.

Blue and red don’t mix except for charity.


Four years later I’m still yelling it and yelling at

the mad souls who keep saying this and saying that.

No pretending that the words I choose to use out loud

shouldn’t make all those before or behind me proud.


I got into this.


( @MiddleDude on twitter )

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