Why I’m Peeved about Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem


Trump has a female problem, but Clinton has an email problem.

The question regarding Clinton is, “Can anyone prove that Clinton’s use of private email in this manner was PRIMARILY; even if only initially; to limit her Public/Private record while in Government?” as many elected officials have/do.

If yes, game over. If no, game on. But please remember two things:

That the Standard here is not really evidence of guilt or impropriety, rather, the APPEARANCE of impropriety.


That the Power that you have at the time you commit or are accused of offending of The Official Secrets Act or similar gag seems directly proportionate to one’s punishment if convicted, or allowed to plea, or whatever. Ask my friend John Kiriakou who saved the Nation’s Soul and went to prison. Ask my buddy Robert J. MacLean who won in the U.S. Supreme Court and is still having to fight to be heard.

There are so many more examples.

In my efforts to help Military Veterans find help, and while pushing Proposed Federal Legislation to that end, I discovered the difficulties of gaining a Congressional ear, much less the vitally needed support and representation one would expect from a U.S. Representative. The largest immediate obstacle is clear. It’s the lack or limited use of an Official Federal Government email account

Certainly, this begs a larger question. How does one obtain an elected official’s assistance, or criticize them, if you can’t contact them or examine their record? The sad answer is, by knowing somebody. Not by sending an email, and that’s complete crap.

I don’t wish Hillary Clinton ill, but it’s personal. Others were held to higher standards and were punished for offenses or mistakes.

In my work for the Veteran’s Support Group I AM HERE for Vets I met a Veteran recently who was in really bad shape. He received no help from the VA because he was not Honorably Discharged from Service. I believe it was a Bad Conduct Discharge (also called the Big Chicken Dinner) but it may have been worse. “See ya, thanks for playing, buh-bye.”

He’d had to decide whether to kill a threat that was approaching a vehicle snatch and grab he was involved in; providing Security for. The threat; a young male; ignored all commands to stop his advance towards his position. Safety off, Security breached, Trigger pulled, Rounds discharged, Marine Discharged.

Now he’s floundering and all but lost to us. There’s something wrong with us for allowing this nonsense.

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