The CIRCUS Coming to Town


 “If the Media’s God grants wishes, then no Top or Tent is big enough to contain the show.”

Voters are angry. The reasons why seem too numerous to count and those reasons are usually flawed because we tell ourselves stories. We convince ourselves of our truth and the blindness of those who disagree. We are easily distracted. Whenever left to our own devices we swipe and tap our fingers on the latest hyperlinked click-bait sweeping or trending that’s fed to us, right? Of course right.

We consumers should be thanking our lucky stars for the gift we’re about to receive if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump compete for the Office of POTUS. Some have asked for just such three-ringed spectacle for years. Now, after the Nation has moved so swiftly and sharply left, those voices were joined by numerous groups of voters to roughly form a broad Political and Social Coalition, one that the Media is struggling to understand, and one which seems now to be demanding that this show absolutely must be allowed to go on. This is about change. Again, the reasons are too numerous and nuanced in some cases to discern a clear motive, other cases are more transparent…blatant, like greed.

“Skeptics among us wonder how many Billionaires will be made from this money-laundering extravaganza. Fifteen…twenty…maybe more, and Millionaires by the dozens and dozens, all siphoning up money doled out to the Media crème de la crème in Ad Buys. That’s true for Trump and for Hillary, and then there’s us.”

We the people are going to eat this election up and beg for more because it represents the silent-fight that goes on night after night, day by day. It’s a fight that far too many of us want to have out loud. There’s also a false sense (I believe) that some finality can be achieved through the victory of any Party’s Candidate. This is a personal issue election. We love Politics and those who delve into it at such great personal peril, but we also love when real scandal causes a mess–every predictable time. We do, right? Of course right.

Don’t forget, this Circus isn’t just for a few billion peanuts. This one’s for all the marble hallways inside the D.C. Beltway, for a united or divided Government, Nation and so much more. Even if it’s against the wishes of many Americans, ‘it’s time to make a tough choice’ say the people asking/demanding that we choose…now.

Yes, we’re approaching this Political Race at Reality Television pace, which today is only bound by traveling forward in time. Our public discourse gets dissed over the airwaves on a daily basis, and that gets dissed in return for lack of effort. It’s already tragically hilarious and mesmerizing and we haven’t had a major clash yet. We instantly and constantly interact with the Side-shows. Content is everywhere.

The Latest-Greatest Show on the Planet in the palm of your hand. Every day, every-day American Republicans, Democrats and Independents are redefining what it means to be a Republican or Democrat or Independent in this, Their Country, here and now. Everybody else can see and hear you now if you want that. Many out there want that now, more than ever in generations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, certainly for our children of ALL ages, good luck to ALL of us. I think we’re going to need it, right? Of course I could be wrong.

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