Staying Above and Below the Left and Right of the Fray

#1kWordsOnPolitics and those parts of the Middle who are currently reluctant to be vocal about Politics or their choice for candidate, and so on.

I get it. Unfortunately some of you don’t.

Not being vocal is also making a choice, and in some cases people feel they have good reason. Generally they don’t, of course. Just some jumbled up half-baked attempt to deal with the effects of pride and prejudice and acceptance. Keeping more doors open in case of a coming storm, and doing so in the face of a coming storm. How long until you close more doors and windows and narrow things down? Anyway, it’s only natural. We’re only human.

But, in Politics, never in such a long time has there been such reach and power in the voice of the middle, and it holds that never in that time has the middle ever had the power to openly debate the virtues of three or more good people, and some bad guys.

The middle ground is swelling overall but the quiet ground is shrinking. How long will you stand on your piece of it in silence? How long will it be your piece anyway, if you don’t help ensure that it’s yours, or at the very least try to?

So. You talk. You discuss. You do your best to confirm your suspicions or beliefs are still true and relevant, no matter how long-held. You insist on truth, and let that and knowledge guide you on whatever path you perceive to be your best. You own it, and not just for a hot second, but for a good minute.

You preach what you practice, and what you’d like other people to emulate in practice and in interaction. You may have a firmly held belief being challenged by someone, perhaps your belief is held as an absolute, so you give voice to your objection, not ideally to the person, but for their failing to characterize your position properly at all times. You set them straight, or try to. You learn whether or not you or they can still learn or not. So far I can learn, but I don’t always win or get my way. When necessary and I’m able, I say my piece. It has sucked at times. It has also surprised me at times. A list of people, certainly a type of person, thinks I’m crazy for not knowing why they’re angry. They can’t accept that I understand perfectly why they are so angry. In fact, I share a clear view with them about where that anger is clearly misdirected, is obscured by their fighting goggles, shooting glasses and gas masks. I’m up to my neck in dispensing water to dehydrated creatures and these cerebral-deficient wild horses don’t even know that they’re thirsty. No idea why. So they don’t drink.

Yes, I know it can be a brutal ass kicking to jump up on your soap box, but you should really weigh the benefit of doing it now. Ask yourself what the chances are that the world you want to live in and share with the rest of us will just appear without opposition or support overnight? Or will it need help evolving, and how much help will it need? How much could you help, and importantly, would that amount of help be enough to make the difference between what you define as success or failure?

I, the same as any of you take pride in being correct. Annoying people try to beat you over the head with their brains and the mirror crowd to them is the ones who hit themselves, or allow themselves to be hit over the head with their own brains. Some quietly collect their correctness, though the norm is to have at least a friendly outlet or two, to hoist upon the precisely correct petards you find along your travels together.

People’s voices are the difference between better lives and continuing the slow death we’re dying now, they truly are, and like I said, I get everyone’s anger. When you find yourself on the short end of the stick, I understand how hard it is to do, but you have to let go of that stick. Sometimes you fight and win, and other times you lose. Sometimes you can get even, maybe even get revenge, get something, and occasionally, a time is going to come along where you are going to have to let go of something that has been bugging you for some reason.

In the simplest terms, if the stick you have the short end of was ever the stick you’re destined to do something with, it is clearly not that stick now, not at this moment. Forget about how you got in this tug of war anyway.

Just, let it go, and don’t waste your interest or indignation. Grab a new stick. Find something else that bugs you that you and others can actually do something about. It’s not like you were only pissed off about one thing, anyway. Not even just one thing from within the world of Politics. Break out your recipe for the next ten months or so. Now, scratch off the task/to do list anything that is related to being a short-ender. Stuff like reproductive rights and associated dog whistles screwing women and being blown in our ears. Confine any bible thumping to homes and houses of worship. Oh, I personally know tons of people who would like to not have guns shoved up their asses so often. Many of them are loaded now. There have been incidents. There have been fatalities.

I’m not suggesting you give in on your short end causes. Just the short ends. Fight another, better day with a new or better stick. Fighting settled or unsettle-able arguments at the wrong moment is senseless. Leave the most divisive stuff alone and increase agreement over a wider spectrum on a less contentious set of issues. Maybe an issue like saving our own necks, a close personal favorite. At any rate, whatever you do, do something. I know it takes more effort than we should shoulder, but we are a Nation. If you have an opinion about how all or part of society is governed, then speak up. Preferably in a way that classically shuns government on all sides. Regardless of how trivial you think your opinion is, express it.

Don’t be one of “those” people. Not this time. Don’t sit mostly quietly by and mostly quiet on Social Media. Then, after the election, latch on to the victory or boisterously rail in defiant disbelief. Either way this goes, we may win but we may lose, and lose more. Sometimes you need a Patriot who can speak what’s on your mind, and sometimes you need someone who can speak to what’s in your best interest. Right now, we need at least our best shot at the latter, if not both in one.

I do believe Bernie Sanders could be that one we need, if not both.




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