I’m Right About Everything. Except That.


drs’s #1kWordsOnPolitics and the #Weakness of the #Right has to start with reality. A lot less ‘oh no he didn’t’ and a lot more ‘oh, yes he did. Everything that #Trump has been learning inside the Media World has been pushing him towards this Epic Fail, and has been artfully, if not tastefully, employed to create his rapid rise, and help sustain it. People spending time on how he did it is at this point are being part of the distraction. The question is how best to stop Trump from going substantially further? #Bernie could peel off some of Trumps support. He’s a ‘Democratic Socialist’ for heaven’s sake. They’ll buy Bernie as an Independent they can take a chance on.

Trump never seriously considered fighting Bernie for so many of the disconnected souls in the middle. Did he really buy into the belief that only Republicans could be believed in Government or be believed about Government? I doubt that he’s that careless, really. He must really be at risk due to lessening division. People could be thinking that Trump is just a more media savvy Bernie Sanders, and that at least Bernie is more prepared for the actual job, therefore a more savvy choice. I concede its a tough spot to be in for either of these guys, but they each need to reach the other guy’s supporters and steal them away.

That’s where we’re at.

I had this recent chat with an old soul friend who read my last #1kWordsOnPolitics article, in which we Trashed Trump and it was fun. Who doesn’t love venting?

Her: This is on point!

                    Me:feel free to share, vent, or both. : )

I shared because Mario feels exactly the same!!!

WE both do.

I can’t stand TRUMP

                    Somebody has to jump into the middle that the middle can live with.

                    oh, I know kiddo. you know I despise the man, have for years. Yikes!

We all have – he’s nothing but a media whore and always has been.




We don’t want to be around if he steps foot in there…


YEAH, YIKES!…and yet..the dumb public will listen to any BS that comes out of his stupid mouth.

Such BS!!

                    That’s where we are today. Like I said in the article.

                    When does the middle get someone to win with or blow it all up with, lol   : )?

I just want to punch him in the mouth and watch his taupe fly off since he dunlopped it over his big egg head. …we dream of this moment…

                    Welcome to the battle for power in America, 2016.

Is he that dumb that when he is faced with real issues and has no real answers, he tends to personally attack with childish remarks?! This looks excellent….the public loves him because he is like watching a Jerry Springer episode. I can’t stand him. Ugh, I honestly am getting upset here at work talking about the fucking’ idiot and the stupid people that love this guy. DON, I’M SERIOUS. Since I’ve been here, I can’t believe how many dumb mofos are truly out there. Even dumb ones with money – which makes it worse. What has this world come to? I seriously do not want to live past 70 or if he takes office. It really is a scary thought….

To her and to you,

                    Yes, it is. And Media had it all figured out until Social Media met the task of balancing the power between the people and the media. They have no idea how to respond, so media is just hanging on for the ride and the show. Media cares, but it’s out of their hands.This is about who will show up for that middle and what that middle will look like, and sound like. I hope it is Bernie, but does he see it? Does he see that road and trust that road? Does he really carve his half + 1 out of the heart of the extra-wide middle of the Reds, Blues and Whites, on his way to his 50% + 0.001 or whatever?

Those are the questions I have. Look, People say last nights State of the Union address was one one of Obama’s shining moments. I feel like the President answered the call of Progressives in this Country, that only he could help find a united way ahead, and he vowed to still try to mend fences. He could get us all in the Middle and give us a voice in demanding to follow the real heart and soul of this election. Don’t we all, really, don’t we all want to keep this progressive thing going? #Obama could do that. He could demand a Special Panel to Evaluate American Rights and let that determine who he publicly supports as the best Presidential Candidate to move things forward in the direction of the middle, and the moderates. I’ll send this soon. If I have already done so, I hope it was received well, or will be.

Either way, I haven’t heard back yet. I haven’t found the answer yet. But it sure is nice being out there looking.

Oh. And I scored today.

I actually converted someone on the #Iran #Nuclear #Deal this morning. That’s far beyond any previous ambition I’d had for my entire day. Hell, I should take a nap now. Or should I stay awake, preaching about sheep until I’m blue in the fingertips? Though things are going well in my direction, as I’d have them going if I wanted to Rally an Independent campaign. Maybe for a campaign pushing #Bernie #Sanders and #Nikki #Haley on an Independent ticket. Bernie keeps the guns, and she loses the lunatics. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Whatever happens the rest of the day, I scored. I convinced someone he was looking into the sun, and I taught him how to avoid the glare, and told him how to do it. I showed him how it worked. And he tried it for himself, and it worked. No unusual scam, just critical thinking paired with indisputable knowledge. Sometimes it happens by accident. Sometimes, even most times, we don’t bother to argue, or to teach. Though in all candor, that’s not often said about me.

If all whom I’ve encountered in life were to read that last bit at the same time; if you listened just then, you would no doubt hear them all laughing.



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