Questioning the Media, on the 2016 Presidential Contest.

Questions on 2016.


#1kWordsOnPolitics and the #Media that isn’t reading this Presidential Race correctly. Whatever the media is seeing going on, whatever it thinks it is, whether it likes it or not, it can’t figure out. The standard method of assigning red or blue or white or black or white or my GOD vs your god is all screwed up. But they keep doing it. And they keep misreading things and they keep being wrong.

So, what is it?

To me, it’s not the Party Tug of War, Red vs Blue. It isn’t the Establishment breaking apart, not exactly. Each of the Party Machines is still intact, on some level. Though I agree the Party Establishments are breaking apart, it’s not because of success or failure for their cause. The damage is being incurred due to the rapid rise of an “Independent Body”, rising out of the ashes of history and historic battles, but rising to find themselves without an Independent candidate in the race for President. The Indies are trying to figure out how best to serve a shit sandwich to Politics as usual. Do you stuff it to them by beating them with a loser? Do you go for their wallets? Do you let them buy you off and still screw them over in the end?

This is, essentially, the rise of the Moderates, but they haven’t seemed to make up their minds yet on who to rise under. The Establishment still has power after all, nobody realistically considered a pure Indie run this time. Well, not until now. All those bets are off. Interestingly, this rise has caused the upheaval on both sides that encouraged Party Fuel to be wasted on both sides, and why two of the top independents are in the race already, but as Democrat and Republican Candidates.

My gut tells me that Trump underestimated his ability to accomplish his task on the Left, but it was too late now with Bernie and Hillary and O’Malley in, and Warren in the wings, and Biden biding his time. Of course Bernie could never have done anything on the right. So, that’s where Trump built his lane to the Republican Nomination or Independent Candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Bernie may not truly want to run for the Moderates, but this time, they can probably make him run Indie. Trump and Bernie are the only two who can claim legit space in the middle. Who doesn’t get that Bernie is an Independent? So there’s Trump, with his loosely connected far right factions of the Party System. At least fringy, if not Indie.

But when do they jump? Do they both jump? Does somebody else jump? Does running for President lose its legs as a show? In short, with the electorate, how bad is it? And how long will it be until we get it down to just three? Red, Blue and now White I suppose.

Whoever that Indie is, they have the best chance to win the election. For Clinton that would be like a guarantee, but remember, there’s no such thing as a guarantee. She’d spent eight years learning that lesson anew. If it’s Trump, it’s good for him. If it’s Bernie, same thing. Though, pretty soon, Bernie will have to start talking to a wider Trump audience, and start talking to Trump directly.

Bernie the Dem and Bernie the Independent should announce/declare Trump the Republican nominee for the Republican side and make the other Republican Candidates say it ain’t so. Brand Trump a Republican. Brand Trump THE Republican. Destroy the Trump Brand with the truth. Sure everybody lies in politics, but it’s usually at least loosely related to the truth. He lies about who he is and he lies about what he’s done and he lies about what he’ll do. All along the way, and he can ‘honestly’ tell you later that it wasn’t a lie when he said it, even though it was a lie, and he knew it. That’s a guy that deserves the far rights’ Scarlet letter award, for excellence in broadcasting. Keep this guy the Red guy, eventually he’s red meat.

So, there are only two guys that have any shot at ‘winning’ from the Indie lane. Trump and Bernie, and then it’s down to whoever they find to jump in and help as Vice-President or Vice-Book Tour pen pal. And, while we’re on the subject, there is only one Nicky Haley, right?

And who’s to say the traditional Two-Party system will finally, someday take hold. Who says what an insider or outsider is in this process now? Another snake has reared its head, and in a multitude of ways, poisons are visible in the markings which surround the snakes body. It’s literally tattooed all over the public. All the many ways one can say, “don’t tread on me.”

And they say it out loud too.

The goal for the Indies is clear, they will have a voice in this Presidential election. They are committed to the task it seems. They are determined to impact the outcome of the election, understanding that they may only once again be playing the role of the spoiler. It appears that for now, the middle is just as eager to win it all as it is to spoil it all. They are just that tired of being overlooked for so long. Maybe they can’t beat the big guys at enough yet, but they are able to shake things up now and then.

In my opinion, this is more than a shake-up. This is a statement. For now, it looks like the Indies are going to make a big statement. I’m trying to figure out just how big, like some of the others. I’m also trying to consider the current wisdom in error. People shouldn’t be waiting for some egregious act to force one of their handymen to abandon the Red or the Blue. This cycle, is there any advantage if you start making your most unwavering case sooner, rather than later? Does the guy really need to be perceived as pushed out into his own lane? Why couldn’t he just jump off of the establishment stage and blast both sides in three-way National Debates at the highest level. Just yell out loud that you’re too opposed to the establishment to continue taking part. Then count your money and direct the shotgun attacks on all sides. Why couldn’t he be pulled off one stage by his supporters and dropped down on a new stage with potentially more supporters. What could be more “Outsider” than that?

Something is telling me that waiting might make sense but I don’t see a big payoff for the put-off. True, there are some tasteless goings on from every perspective, but there’s a wide path down the middle for an Indie to navigate. Most Americans seem to hang out near the middle, though for lots of different reasons, of course. When was the last time the real middle felt included in an election? Instead of the better of both worlds, we’ve ended up with having to choose between the lesser of two evils. Even the lesser of one.

This election got crazy, quickly, and stayed there.


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