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Staying Above and Below the Left and Right of the Fray

#1kWordsOnPolitics and those parts of the Middle who are currently reluctant to be vocal about Politics or their choice for candidate, and so on. I get it. Unfortunately some of you don’t. Not being vocal is also making a choice, … Continue reading

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I’m Right About Everything. Except That.

Right? drs’s #1kWordsOnPolitics and the #Weakness of the #Right has to start with reality. A lot less ‘oh no he didn’t’ and a lot more ‘oh, yes he did. Everything that #Trump has been learning inside the Media World has … Continue reading

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Questioning the Media, on the 2016 Presidential Contest.

Questions on 2016. drs #1kWordsOnPolitics and the #Media that isn’t reading this Presidential Race correctly. Whatever the media is seeing going on, whatever it thinks it is, whether it likes it or not, it can’t figure out. The standard method … Continue reading

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