The New 47Percent Is A Letter, Not A Video.

Who can forget the self-assured disaster that was the Mitt Romney Campaign, resulting in his public expulsion in 2012. When your success, largess, finesse and and distress all show up to bite you in the ass; that moment when you realize, in the stretch toward the finish, that the worst thing that can happen to a Politician, has happened to you. There’s a problem. People have a problem and it looks like you. After showing up as himself to an event in his honor, video taken by Scott Prouty introduced the rest of the WORLD to Mitt and his teacup crowd. That was the first 47Percent; the video, hashtags, discussions, persecutions and all that followed, peaking when it mattered and handing him the defeat he never saw coming. Not once.

The New 47Percent, maybe, is the self-identified 47 US Senators who maliciously interfered with Foreign Policy Negotiations…Negotiations, not deals or sanctions…and the first serious long-term attempt to establish an Iran we can keep tabs on, because, that’s what we can do…they give out huge prizes for things like that. With or without a deal, that’s what we can do; overtly, covertly watch and whisper countless little secrets knowing most of them are lies but not always knowing which is which. That’s what we can do, either way. So why all the fuss? What’s the difference? Why do Senate Republicans (read Republicans) care so much how we watch them? Simply put, Diplomacy and a working agreement between the US and Iran would remove the hawk’s hungry gaze, and military action against Iran, barring some unforeseen event. What could happen in the Middle East, right? Everybody’s at the beach.

So, who are these foreign policy football fumblers who dream of carrying the nuclear football again? (drum roll please)

The New 47Percent

Here’s a list of the GOP Senators who signed the Iran Letter, via The Washington Post.

Total losses:                                                  Partial losses:                                    Total (R) saves:

Alabama, pop 4,849,377 (23rd)                 Alaska, pop 736,732 (48th)                     Tennessee,

Arkansas, pop 2,966,369 (32nd)               Arizona, pop 6,731,484 (15th)                             pop

Georgia, pop 10,097,343 (8th)                  Colorado, pop 5,355,866 (22nd)               6,549,352

Idaho, pop 1,634,464 (39th)                      Florida, pop 19,893,297 (3rd)                          (17th)

Iowa, pop 3,107,126 (30th)                       Illinois, pop 12,880,580 (5th)

Kansas, pop 2,904,021 (34th)                   Mississippi, pop 2,994,079 (31st)

Kentucky, pop 4,413,457 (26th)               Missouri, pop 6,063,589 (18th)

Louisiana, pop 4,649,676 (25th)               Montana, pop 1,023,579 (44th)

Nebraska, pop 1,881,503 (37th)               Nevada, pop 2,839,099 (35th)

North Carolina, pop 9,943,964 (9th)        New Hampshire, pop 1,326,813 (42nd)

Oklahoma, pop 3,878,051 (28th)              North Dakota, pop 739,482 (47th)

South Carolina, pop 4,832,482 (24th)      Ohio, pop 11,594,163 (7th)

South Dakota, pop 853,175 (46th)            Pennsylvania, pop 12,787,209 (6th)

Texas, pop 26,956,958 (2nd)                     West Virginia, pop 1,850,326 (38th)

Utah, pop 2,942,902 (33rd)                        Wisconsin, pop 5,757,564 (2oth)

Wyoming, pop 584,153 (50th)

(estimated population data)

That’s 31 States, 47 Senators, Representatives of the People that can’t be completely counted on in the future to defend our nation as the Commander in Chief deems appropriate. Only one Republican State remained completely above the partisan, screeching hawks, and congratulations for their having done so.

Overall, I’m not totally cool with this being the case. That’s a ton of people, right? What are their sources of information and news?

Hardly music to my ears, on the population continuum, somewhere in that 23 – 39 traffic jam lay the problem. Okay, 2 – 39, seriously. Wonder what it looks like on a map.

Here’s the final map from the 2012 Presidential Elections, via The Washington Post.

The Election went to Obama, all but one battleground state shown went to Obama. A clear Victory for him as the Nation’s Commander in Chief. The President’s re-election in 2012 was a miracle in the eyes of Republicans and the Media, but they continue to misinterpret the results. As for Republican Senatorial “success” in 2014, you won’t find a credible pundit who doesn’t think that went down as planned and expected. 2016 will as well.

It certainly looks like some Constituents just got screwed. Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. That’s:

Florida, pop 19,893,297                   (3rd)

Illinois, pop 12,880,580                   (5th)

Pennsylvania, pop 12,787,209        (6th)

Ohio, pop 11,594,163                        (7th)

Wisconsin, pop 5,757,564                 (2oth)

Colorado, pop 5,355,866                  (22nd)

Iowa, pop 3,107,126                         (30th)

Nevada, pop 2,839,099                    (35th)

New Hampshire, pop 1,326,813      (42nd)

Employing the use of basic Jethro Bodine math skills, it doesn’t take a Double-Naught Spy to recognize what a huge number of Constituents that is. Especially Iowa, they were totally shafted. Some argue they’ve brought it on themselves for fostering the OWG Republican Brand and propping up a broken party platform. It’s that, but it’s more.

This is the legacy of Gerrymandering and amounts to a desperate power grab by Republicans. Part of their plan to hang on and obstruct and hook up their buddies, and deregulate the donor class. To do whatever they can to remain relevant, or in power to treat us like we’re irrelevant. The deeper you dig into voter disenfranchisement or misplaced legislative representation, the nearer you keep anti-depressants. So, so tired of this crap.

Like Romney, The New 47Percent has gone too far, publicly and unprofessionally and will pay the price for further dividing the Nation on an issue so sacred and dear to millions of Americans. The notion of reinstating a stricter Selective Service Draft, requiring successful completion of basic training and mandatory service via lottery with publicized, minimal deferments…that idea is gaining weight in my thoughts of late.

What The New 47Percent, these 47 Senators have accomplished; self inflicted damage to US Honesty, Integrity, Unity and Leadership around the globe. I certainly hope they learn a lesson at our expense. The price of the lesson has already been paid.


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