Williams, O’Reilly Same Liars But Different

As the dust from the bull-corn Bill-O/Corn feud settles…

I’ve tuned out to the Media News lately. Other stuff to do, true, but it was more than that. The whole feud started an inquisition in me that I needed to process, and still am.

We lie. We do that…we lie. Some more than others, some to themselves more than others, always to gain an edge, if only time, until the hands of time stop you.

I did it, though it has been my firm custom not to for a considerable time. Just like every human out there who needs somebody out there to know that they matter, even if they have to say so themselves. Even if they have to convince themselves. We all have that connection as a foundational aspect of our lives. That’s the basis for my connection to Williams and O’Reilly and VA Secretary McDonald, Military/Government/Law Enforcement buddies,…and there’s a further group that has a stickier problem with truth-telling that I’ll get to later. Those who’ve lied for a living, or had to, to live.

Regardless of the size of fishy-story we concoct, especially acts of heroism, bravery, courage and sacrifice, you know (eventually) that the bs you dropped won’t hold up to public scrutiny. You know.

Enter ‘Corn/Corn substitute’. “You said this, you said that, yada yada, is that true?”

Williams: No, it is not, and because it’s not, I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended in any way by my false comments.

McDonald: No, it’s not. I don’t know why I said it. Stupid.

Me: No. I was probably drunk. My bad.

Pinocchi-O’Reilly: La mia penna è enorme! Il reportage, perfetto. Cornholio. (look it up)

So there you have two ways of handling a sensitive situation. Opinions waver on whether Bill lies for a living, or ever has. That’s a hearse of a different color. However, some people have lied for a living or been forced to live a lie; even help spread it. I did. I don’t say this as some excuse for letting a lie stand when you have a duty or opportunity to lay it to rest. All situations, when able, should be handled as above, less Bill. Nothing changes that.

The problem with lying for a living is that now there are so many “stories” out there about you that it’s, well…weird at times. But worse, somebody, maybe lot’s of somebodies can say “you told me” or “you said you” or “I remember you” whatever, and, be totally truthful, and, it still be about complete bs. It’s annoying, thankfully not frequent, but it’s a thing.

Some bells we should ring, some bells…stop ringing.


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