Is Google’s Mind Boggled?

In terms of Google’s success in defending its DATA, DATA, MO DATA Mindset, I suppose it would be fair to judge that by the eventual monetary cost/hit absorbed by Google as a global Monster.

Naturally, any failure in the power struggle over information, rights to electronic privacy, right to anonymity and fraudulent presence in the electronic world, etc; any failure would be identified, eventually, by the cost in real dollars is both short and long term.

So, where’s that line, in your opinion? What measurable set of concessions, or single concession could ensure ALL sides that the eventual outcome is far too unclear, and everybody is either freaking out or being freaked out about it right now, but it’s ALL good and headed in that direction?

Surely, Google’s ‘CLAIM ON INFORMATION’ must only begin at your birth, even if ‘you’ were created on the web before that date or not. Before this, Data Hoarders must have an expressed waiver of some kind. But that’s just your story, and that’s after you opt into the system.

To be fair, opting in must be agreed upon as the first ‘TIME’ you actively participate as yourself; your real self; on the internet in an interactive way. Fair enough, because if you weren’t around, or hadn’t been, voluntarily, neither would your DATA. This leaves us with the last question. What’s that length of ‘TIME’? How long is your Public Story?

I wonder at times if Google is seriously pondering the willingness to let us outlive the sins of our past, at least some of them, or if they plan on playing on the cards Congress deals them?

I’ve come to believe that the general mistrust on ALL sides is a barrier and threat to progress as a World Wide Web. I am inclined to believe that a very small volume of highly reliable DATA would suffice for Google to maintain its position. Maybe as few as your first 500 ‘Internet Interactions’ or some other measurable, verifiable number.

I’m trying to come to a single mind on whether or not you can ever convince a voracious whale that it’s full, do so while it’s feeding voraciously, AND get him to stop feeding when everybody knows he’s far from entirely full. I just think, maybe, instead of telling the whale it isn’t hungry, especially while it’s eating, I believe we can convince the beast that he’s honestly had quite enough, by anybody’s standards.

Whatever happens, should be interesting.

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