Religious Wars Are Killing US

Many people in the US don’t understand these religious wars. The times when it’s so apparent that world peace or world war IS religious freedom or religious war. Consider when the last time was that you’ve heard everybody crowing about the abundance of religious freedoms? You can be assured that President Obama knows this, that what we’re talking about here in the Middle East, is potentially and effectively knocking an entire sect of the Middle East out of power; long term power. That’s a pretty big deal.

Super power is, at least at times, Super Religion, always has been, and that helped hinder or pave the way to, advancements of major significance to history. There is some argument that these events are more able to occur alongside higher levels of peace and religious freedom around the globe, and between the World super powers. Of course, these are not those times, and I’m sorry doesn’t feed the bulldog, not by half. No. Both ends are killing the middle at present. All this, due to each-and-every-half-ass reason we are accepting/tolerating either the Rights Gasp/Grasp at our wallet, or the free ride of the Far-Far Left.

In America, WE thrill at Indiana Jones movies, we chill, we laugh, we cry when we win, but we really cry our asses off when we lose! And we’re definitely major players right now, for whatever reason. We’ve bitched and cried foul here on a consistent basis since the Democrats lost to the Reagan Republicans, after the epic disasters of previous Republicans. And, well; there we went again, because of “Well, there you go again.”

As a Centrist/Independent Voter, I’m disturbed …. even more than usual! …. by the national response to the rise of the Independent Party here at home. Not religious, perhaps, but ideological to the core.

So ….

When are ‘WE’ as the world ever going to find peace? The current Discord is clearly due to the demands of radical extremist on all sides, and certainly not just one side, but especially now, by the side that’s cutting off our heads, despite having already cut off our noses for a decade. But, it’s no longer a matter of question whether the extremist’s, ‘hide out until the Americans leave the fight’ strategy is going to pay off this time, and for whom.

We’ve had our ‘I’ll be back’ moment in the Pacific. Welcome to ‘We are Back’, until/if ever, ‘WE ARE BACK!’ in the Middle East.

It’s now clear which side is willing to commit, alone or with committed beside-us-standers, to end our ‘enemies’ ability to keep committing suicide, and taking innocent People with them. The US just announced, even though not all of the US agrees, WE just announced that we’ll help whoever is with us, or, not against us, even if it’s not our religious fate, exactly, and even if it’s not really our war, at all.

The people sitting on the fences, the ones that are close enough to see the conflict from there, they’re betting we’ll do this for them. The last two times were on US, for US, but this one is really, almost strictly for ‘them’; whoever they are? We‘re accepting cuts from both edges of multiple swords, and sadly this is what it looks like to Defeat Terrorism in a particular battle, on a battlefield, and, be defeated by having defeated It, or even competing with It at all.

We are, I hope for a damn good reason, a tinge too close to Mercenary in this war. Even if we are being bribed …. even if we aren’t …. even if this is how we say, ‘In this situation, Gentlemen, and Ladies, and World, …. this is how it’s going to be, …. or else. …. At least, substantially this direction.’

Condemnation will surely and rightly come. The support and opposition for OUR course of action right now is not clear, even to the professionals, even this soon after the last fiasco.

So ….

Sure would be nice to know if we have a substantial reason to be doing what we’re doing right now, here, and abroad. Something; besides somebody beheading heroes.


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