Done with Turning Takers into Taken-for-granted

I suppose it must mean something. I suppose it fits with everything. With ALL THINGS, Considered. Of all the things I have thought about writing about, this was the only thing that I liked enough to ensure to not forget. This is all I’d written down.

“How to Turn Takers into Taken-for-granted/Taken-for-gotten, and from there to Actually-forgotten, without regard.”

I completely despise the knowing nastiness of our time. A time cursed by a scourge we all ought to have stamped out by now. A time where Race can/still does divide us, by race. How long will we fight these battles and wars over race? And of Races control over wars. And of Races Wars over CONTROL.

Right now, LIFE is a Bumpy road for a whole-lotta people. People who fail to shift to adapt, or, adapt to a shift, …. people on automatic, you poor saps, …. you’re doomed.

Look, I’m as big a fan of cruise control as the next guy, maybe more, but cruise control doesn’t make sense in all situations. Very soon, I’d say, some things that have been cool for quite some time now, especially in the white-religious-rural world, well, …. those things are nor going to be cool anymore. I think you’ll feel it happening from coast to coast, but quite intensely in some areas.

The Answer I’m looking for over the next whatever years is, who shows up on each side of the RACE DIVIDE, and why, and is it true? That time feels much closer now. I’m certainly more aware of it now.

I hate Racism, but it’s such a huge part of how we grew up. It’s still here, here in Daytona Beach. I don’t know the real story of the Bay Area and how race was handled, but I can say that I didn’t experience race in any kind of threatening way. Security in the area stores seemed to treat all races equally, but I’d give the edge to the Old White Guy’s (OWG’s). Silvana had fun with a security guard. Score — Non-english-speaking Store guard: 2. vs Silvana: 0

She avoided all homicidal tendencies and managed to stay out of jail at the end of it all. But, she was only probably a thief, they didn’t care whether she was a white thief or a black thief or Mexican or whatever. That’s all.

I just watched a Jon Stewart thing on Race in this country. Pitch-perfect. For too long, it’s been really hard to be a black person in this country. To say otherwise is to ignore reality. Feels like there’s a shift ahead, with a lot of dangerous curves in-between.

If trouble does start, it feels like it will be started by the OWG’s. If the shift starts to show up in any measurable way, especially the 2014 Mid-term elections, desperation will win the day and lose the battle, another battle, for the OWG’s.

Will a conservative groundswell, swallow up this progressive advantage? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Social Freedoms and Norms are shifting across party lines. Any swell at all will be pure hate on either side.

I wonder, when it comes to the Media Wars on/over race, who will be the media most closely aligned with the feelings and intentions of the People.

The Media will soon ‘jump the shark’ to some degree on each and every front. New Partnerships will be formed to test the wisdom of wise men. To put it plainly, how far left will the right go on ‘social’ issues, guns and aggression?

We managed over the years to allow a people to be taken, then be pronounced takers, then taken for granted, now taken, or taken in, just in case …. in case they might do some black-shit …. …. what bullshit.

So, here we go. From taken for granted by most of mankind, to something. It’s hard to say, really. The water’s a bit thick, and muddy around this whole mess about Race.

Times, things are changing. That’s what it feels like to me.




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