My Declaration of Frustration

Our casa Independence Day

For almost an hour, my hands have hovered over a QWERTY collection of buttons and this is the first sentence to survive.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of celebration, but with all that’s developed over the past few weeks in America and for American interests around the globe, I’m not feeling it.

We are set to memorialize our Declaration of Independence for the 238th time. This year marks the 50th such observance since my conception, yet somehow, the party is fraught with pity. I blew the dust off of my pocket sized copy of red, white and blue banter, hopeful for inspiration. The result was nil.

In many ways, what we identified as the problems we would solve as an independent Nation, and what that would mean to, and provide for its citizenry, remain unsolved, meaningless and unrealized. There are now more forms and victims of inequity than our founders could have ever imagined. Just this week, we find that our abhorrence for laws establishing religion has somehow led to our inability to keep religion from establishing and shaping laws.

So, freedom of religion …. Check. Freedom from religion …. ? …. Not so much. Also, fifty years after finally establishing major laws (the Civil Rights Act) that were deemed vital to the furtherance of any nation; deemed in writing in our Declaration of Independence; that all men are created equal, Black Americans still suffer from their suffrage.

Women …. Children …. LGBT. Anyone not an old white dude (like me) is potentially screwed, and even some of us have footprints on our back.

The Fourth has finally been reduced to folly, a spectacularly meaningless remembrance of nothing. Just another day off work, though for fewer and fewer numbers each year, filled with fun, food, flags, fireworks and the fog of alcohol.

We have the best country there is, but it could be a whole lot better, and should be after all this time.

Oh well, happy yada yada yada!




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2 Responses to My Declaration of Frustration

  1. Mother says:

    What an eye-opener, Don!
    Thanks for the enlightenment !


  2. Mary Sue Austin says:

    What you have written and I read rings true. You and I come to problems from opposite ends of the spectrum. Do I think Americans have lived up to their potential? No. Where you “see” failure…I “see” opportunity. The Declaration of Independance was just the beginning. A document that gave us a foundation. Now, we the people continue to evolve, declare and take actions that will fulfill the “independence” our forefathers mutually pledged to each other. They gave their lives, fortunes and their honor. What are you willing to give?


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