Social Media News is News to Me.

Social Media News Outlets Misuse Social Media


News Media Treats Social Media, like Media, and is judged Anti-Social

I’ve gone on previous rants, of sorts, about the limitations/misuse/solutions of/to Social Media.




Here:     @MiddleDude feed on Twitter.

Here:     so keep reading.

Facebook is dead to me. Enough said.

So, what do the intro-venous News Dealers miss, in the Twitter World?

They miss an audience; perhaps an AUDIENCE; ready to help them spread their word. In huge numbers, they hover, poised over the cursor, over the Retweet button with their finger cocked. Then they balk. Not always, but enough to deny the clinic more addicts on their rolls. They lower the hammer on the pin and aim in a safe direction. Cautious of misfires. They consider the WIIFM and decide it’s probably a losing proposition.

There’s most likely nothing in it for them. What they seek in return is not what the pushers are pushing. Interaction. Discussion. Solution. That’s what they want in return for pushing the latest product. Not to be a go-between and then exist in a ‘talk amongst yourselves’ world.

So, what’s the problem? The clicks are still there, right? If you think so, stop reading. You may be too sheepish to care.

The clicks they want, are not the clicks they’re getting. Not really. Unless they’re simply an Ad / MetaData Mill; which some are; the clicks they want are the ones being withheld by the best of middlemen. Them, and the Followers they INTERACT with.

News Dudes:

Want to Crowd-Source something? Which click do you want?

Want free Art to accompany your link? Which click do you want?

Want a Voice, not just ‘TheScreamEngine’ and gravity? Which click do you want?

Why should you care, even if all that is lost on you News Dudes? Because I can get your content without ever interacting with you, or, you having a visible part in my feed. Period. Those are the clicks you’re getting now.

Those aren’t the clicks you want …. Mine is. Period.


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