Why NJ Governor Chris Christie Is Guilty.


All the fluff about bridges, traffic studies, relief funds, etc., is fun to watch unfold, I suppose. The whole smell of scandal surrounding Governor Christie and his staff is offensive, and I’m perplexed by the effort to ‘determine if the Governor himself is involved’.

Newsflash: He’s involved. Period.

Criminal involvement? I find it difficult to fathom his …. innocence …. in all of this. Simply put, the highest level of NJ State Government has committed crimes, the severity of which are still unfolding day by day.

Pause here, just a tic, and consider that statement. The fairest interpretation of which, is that the Office of Governor Christie was deeply involved in this whole mess. All of it.

No interpretation can ignore Christie’s ‘ultimate responsibility’ for the actions of his Senior Staff. None.

Anyone who has held a ‘substantial position of public trust’, as I have, numerous times, can attest to the following guidance:

In addition to the strict avoidance of impropriety on the part of persons

occupying positions of public trust, these individuals must also

strictly avoid even the appearance if impropriety.

How can even the most ardent of Governor Christie’s defenders claim that he has complied with either the law, or the spirit of the law, that governs personal conduct of elected leaders?

They can’t; not honestly.

The Governor is guilty, and responsible for all of the irresponsible acts of his Office.

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