A Layman Lays Out His Case For 2014

The need to crawl out of my character-limited rant-o-sphere has come. Carl Rove is going Rove, running folks off in dRoves and the TeaBaggers have been brewing up a National Unnatural Disaster for us all. In true form, Democrats have found every way possible to give ground to Conservative Partisans anyway.


Amid hue and cry from the Left and Right, about the Further Left and Right not wanting to Govern (read: The Wuss way of avoiding a tough vote, as they have done for 4+ years), and the inevitable “I know you are but what am I?” reply (read: only if you join us in the racial/fiscal/moral annihilation of the Nation.), we now face the racial/fiscal/moral annihilation of the Nation.


Or we don’t.


We’ll see. Soon.


Beyond that lies the next opportunity to tweak DC, the 2014 Mid-Term Elections. Already we hear tales of expected foul play from the Republican Party, about the inside attack expected by TeaPartyREpubs or other extremist’s to purify its membership. Other than the hilarity of Dr. Republistein’s demise at the hands of the TeaBag they electrified, I agree with a weary Nation that it’s time to pull the plug on the kettle before we boil over.


I see the coming election cycle as one which will give rise to the Independent Conservative Candidate, partly in response to the recent legislative limpness, and partly as a way to free themselves from the splinters in the party platform that remain after all these many years of wear. They’ll share a common theme. “Enough is enough.”


They won’t be alone in their Independence. The loons will already be represented by candidates are/were unable to knock off a more Centrist opponent in a Party Primary. As for the Popular Loons, let them have the Scarlett R this cycle. Let no true Fiscal Conservative try to compete with whacko obstructionists on the far side. Save the mudslinging for the General Election and join in a committed effort to have the TeaBaggers committed.


We will by then have picked up the fiscal football we seem unable to maintain a grasp on (read: refuse to take responsibility for), having blamed each other for the mess and taken credit for saving a grateful Nation.


I suppose the decision must be made to give legislatively-minded candidates the room they need to maneuver outside of traditional Party Politics, but with necessity comes inventiveness, so it’s an easy choice for me.


I want a thriving 2 (or more) Party System to restore some sanity to the process of checks and balances.


I want the TeaParty and their do nothing agenda out of DC.

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