While We’re Picking Bones….

Everybody is busy, furiously and/or fiercely picking the scarce meat from the bones of the 2012 Republican bid for the White House and Senate. It was the disaster I thought it would be, and said it would be, maybe worse. Who knew how quickly (R) Politicians would dump Mitt? And really, who the heck knew Mitt wouldn’t shut up?

Anyway, more will follow on the lessons learned and ignored by both sides. Lots more. But for now I am stuck on how the current situation differs from the 08′ & 10′ election cycles. In both those cases, the winning party deemed the tiny sliver of the electorate who put them over the top to be a mandate. The (D)’s paid for it in 10′, and how can this be determined to be anything but the price for (R)’s promoting obstructionism. Now we’re back where we started, but the Middle is in a much stronger position. The real mandate is bipartisanship, and now.

Here’s my issue. Each time the Party Leaders screw the pooch, they blame the pooch, then vow to learn what they failed to learn before and never let whatever it was that they didn’t do ever happen again unless it does. AND THIS WORKS FOR LEADERS!?!?

Come on guys, that’s a load of crap. Why do we entrust/allow the individuals who get it wrong, at times knowingly so, why are they automatically viewed as the heirs apparent to put the pieces back together afterwards? It defies logic, right?

Could we finally have done enough to convince (R)’s to abandon the Far Right and it’s negative influence on Conservative Politics and Policy? The OWG’s will fight to the end, but I so hope they lose this time. The Nation needs (at least) a functioning two Party System. Will the (R)’s clear the bench and get back in the game?

Just sayin’

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