Show Me The Middle.

Ok. It seems some of you don’t get it, so, I’ve devised a Self-Exam entitled, “Am I A Moderate?”  Ten Easy Questions to see if you’ve been infected.

First though, it’s Purple Dinosaur time.

Here’s a dotted line from Left (L) to Center (C) and the same from C to Right (R).


So now, Politically speaking, can you identify The Middle. Where is America?


Done yet?

Want the answer?

([- This is The Middle; Moderate America -])


L                             [                                     C                           ]                                R

That’s where we are, just L of CL and just L of CR. Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative, and Tolerant of Others and Supportive of Individual Freedoms.


Are you a Moderate.?

Score one point for each yes.

  1. Do you regret the necessity for Abortion in any case, but respect that the final decision resides solely with the woman concerned to make that decision, for herself.
  2. Do you think Contraception is a moral, sensible alternative to unwanted, unplanned pregnancy, and prudent with respect to Sexually Transmitted Disease?
  3. Do you recognize the need for a federally protected Safety Net for all Citizens, especially during difficult financial times?
  4. Do you believe that “God” has a place in our lives in some way, but there is only one Big G in Government?
  5. Do you agree that Freedom of Speech guarantees that you have to listen to all sorts of crap, even your own?
  6. Do you agree to surrender all your guns immediately after taking your last breath of air?
  7. Do you share pride in being an Immigrant member of an Immigrant Nation, no matter how long your family has been here?
  8. Do you listen to the message of your opposition and give it appropriate weight and consideration?
  9. Do you try your very best to place and maintain principle above all else?
  10.  Do you agree that when aggrieved by someone, you should delay response long enough to establish whether or not the offense was intended, and then, respond appropriately?

So, are you….infected?

Just askin’.

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