Traditional Media, Trusts Traditional Media, And Now Reports Seeing This Coming

It seems to me that the Political Pundits are finally waking up this morning, and announcing that they saw this Obama victory coming.

They did not. If they suspected it, they kept it quiet. Now, hindsight bias is kicking in.

Traditional and Cable News Media outlets were playing the same game as the Romney Campaign….Old White Guy (OWG) Right vs Hated Black Liberal. To think it was that simple, or that traditional, was shortsighted.

This started the same way it finished….OWG’s vs. Everyone Who Opposes What That Stands For And The Fairy Tale Country They Would Represent. Essentially, Old vs. New America.

The 2000 Census Helped us define the New America. While the Right tried to round up Mexicans, Moderates registered them to vote. Thanks for helping us, and them, ID their problem with OWG’s. Enough of them understood in 2008 to send a message to all other Americans.

The 2010 Census was a huge Exclamation Point, and more, but the OWG’s ignored them. Worse still, they used them as Elephant Bait in this Presidential Election, and we see how that worked for them. Moderates registered them to vote for their self interest, and they did.

Additionally, White Women are becoming the Bread and Butter of Moderate Politics in this Country. Period. They can be relied upon, in large enough numbers, to maintain Principle over Politics or Party. Seems the “Rhythm Method” is the wrong beat, and “It’s your duty….” resulted in Conscientious Objection. They had Legitimate Reasons to support Women in general, by supporting Obama in the General Election. A short, yet touching exchange. OWG’s to Women: FU? Surprisingly, Women to OWG’s: FU!!!!

The Battle for the White House was fraught with hate and lies, but common sense prevailed and Moderates fought back….and won.

Now, everyone wants to see the models used by the Pollsters that got it right. They may share. Hell, it’s out there for free, but everyone else, besides a few others that used the same-ish info, played the OWG game.

How did that work out for them?

Just sayin’

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