Oxygen, Or Carbon Dioxide?

Today, we are on the brink of history. The choice we make in tomorrows Presidential Election will either give us some room to breathe, or somehow find ways to decrease our demand for oxygen. And, NO, I don’t think that is too strong a statement to make.

The REpubs have done their best to win and pulled out almost all the big guns to prove it. Then, one by one, the guns fell silent. And now it is clear that the Silver Bullet was all powder and no shot.

I’ve also drawn a few sad conclusions from this election cycle. Sad, because I know that some people out there believe in what the Right is doing. They aren’t bad people, but they are woefully uninformed and isolated from reality. Then there’s the informed (to some extent) crowd that will vote for, and presumably fight for Romney if necessary, beyond the election. They may regret his lack of military experience if we have to start shooting each other here at home.

The Far-Right is mad because this election ended up being about something. The One-Issue attack on the Economy was thwarted by improvement in the Economy. Enough, in fact, to render much of their pre-packaged “In case of desperation, break glass” ad blitz. Mitt had to open his mouth, and out flopped a silver plated spoon and a Teflon tongue. He lies, but he can’t sell it, and we all smell it.

So, why is it that this Lying, Belittling, Petty, Cynical, Condescending sack of skin filled with Shit and Caviar is one breath away from becoming our executioner? It seems to boil down to three reasons, really.

First, this is the culmination of an epic 32 year long struggle to place and maintain some restraint on Government, Business, and the Election Process in this Country. Obviously, some parts have worked better than others. Misinformation is everywhere.

Second, some of my brothers and sisters will never vote a black man for dog-catcher, much less President. Some own that….some don’t. Race is a factor and we should all be ashamed of that.

Third, the Nation has gone through some tough times, but some people and areas were hit much harder by the recession. I traveled coast to coast a few times in the last 18 months. There are so very many people that think they have it bad, that have no idea of the suffering of those who have been hit harder, and for a longer time. They have no real understanding that the American Dream has become impossible for some of our Countrymen and women. More lose sight of the Dream each and every day, only to live a nightmare as a member of a disappearing Middle Class.

We can’t all be rich guys. Let’s face it, some people are holding out hope that they’ll join the top one or two percent. And, best of luck to them, really. Heck, even the top ten to twenty percent is doable, especially with the Economy on the rise.

Me though, I’ll stay part of the remaining eighty percent or so. Somewhere, in the Middle of the pack, maybe? I think it pays to look both ways.

Just sayin’

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