Pictures Can Speak Volumes, But You Have To Stop And Listen.

Early Sunday morning here at the beach. To say that this will be a great day, come what may, is easy. The weather is glorious, the water is close-by and much missed family is closer still. That will do for me, even if other plans fall apart.

I am up early and the house is quiet. My intention to contribute some sensible appeal to Moderate voters still leaning towards Romney for Chief Executive Officer of the United States (CEOotUS) was nearly thwarted by apathy.

Another “holy krap, I am sick of this bullshit” moment. I have bigger fish to fry, just like you do, some I haven’t even caught yet. Still, there I sat, looking at pictures and pondering an odd question. I have been asked about where I got the background picture for this website.

The short answer is, I t was a stock picture available to anyone using WordPress for their site. But the longer answer is more the truth, and speaks volumes for the subconscious mind.

Certainly, any picture is open to interpretation. Here’s what this one helps me remember, though I didn’t know it at the time.

CEOotUS/King Mitt of the ruling Class holds Court.

His Right-and Man is the Church. The Religious Right Extremists who have it all wrong.

To his LEFT!….the Republican Party, including almost every right-leaning Moderate Republican and Fiscal Conservative.

Red-eyed Rats flank the Church and Party, spreading ignorance and hate.

Even after all that….imaginative use of imagery, guess who concerns me the most.

It’s that little guy up front that troubles me. Is he listening….or is he talking? Is he asking a question, or issuing an order?

Simple folks. Who will be the President if Mitt wins the election?

Just tellin’.

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