What’s the Matter with Romney? Five Points, Man.

Point First off, with Romney-conomics, tons of Programs will get cut.

I just might make the Mitt-Math work, if Mitty-Mouth would say what.


TAX CUTS for the Super-Rich and tax cuts for the poor.

Axe cuts for the safety net, NObamacare no more.


A Rain Man yelling “Trickle Down!” and “I own lots of cars.”

And now his brand new Covenant. Book of Moron. Chapter: Wars.


He’ll fix our getting-good economy by stopping domestic growth.

The Debt grows by 8 Trillion bucks, the second he takes the Oath.


Point Secondly, I agree that Ahmadinejad should be jailed.

But because he hasn’t got a clue, on Foreign Policy, Romney Failed.


Here’s a Romney Debate staple. Seems effective. Dunno why.

Just look into the camera, and pile lie on top of lie.


Point Third of all, on Women’s Rights, how lucky could ladies get?

He Pro-No-Choice, and Pro-No-Life, and above all, Pro-Pro-Mitt.


Mitt prefers to stick it in, with nothing wrapped around it.

His Anal-ysis will leave this Country worse off than he found it.


Point fourth of all, Mitt may love cars, but not the guys who turn the wrenches.

Now he takes credit for the bailout jobs, like he was ever in the trenches.


Point Fifth and final point of all is one that really chaps my ass.

Mitt’s plan is really no plan at all, but thus far, he’s gotten a pass.


I’m Super Mitt, not Super Rich, I’ll show you stacks of tax returns.

Asleep sheep can be counted on, to never, ever, learn.


Sacrifice my Veteran views?  Sacrifice my wife?

Sacrifice the Principles I’ve held dear all my life?


To get a black guy out of a white house? To move a Green guy in?

A guy who’ll do or say or sell or buy or take anything to win.


Pinning down the savior would take all the strength you’ve got.

But now he’s in seclusion. Thinks he’ll win this. He will not.


Just sayin’

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2 Responses to What’s the Matter with Romney? Five Points, Man.

  1. Gregg W. Grillo says:

    There once was a man named Obama
    Who ran a campaign full of drama
    To hell with this…
    I’m not a poet.
    I just can’t figure out how he’s going to create all these jobs when most business owners are scared to death to hire new workers due primarily to Obamacare. I’m all for helping the less fortunate but not to the point of busting my butt everyday only to be less fortunate myself. He should have said yes to the pipeline; and let’s face it, “Blame Bush” is as old as the Birther debate. I think my biggest problem with our President other than the fact that he has failed miserably on his promise to cut the deficit, get the economy on track & a lack of a budget during his Presidency, is that he takes absolutely NO responsibility for anything. With his record I am surprised he claimed responsibility for his children. Like I said the whole “Romney is a liar” stance has no effect on me since Obama lies ust as much. My great hope for Romney is that he is a Technicrat and will be able to devise or revise his plans for making the economy strong by taking a look at the books and seeing what he has to work with.
    What the hell, I’ll give it one more shot…

    I don’t care Obama’s black
    or if you drink his Kool-Aid
    The reason that he needs to go
    is the lack of progress that he’s made.

    Semper Fidelis


  2. don says:

    I get the anger, and the drama. I do. I don’t want somebody to go in blind and start chopping.

    These aren’t little white Budget lies the Congress tells, or I feel your pain stuff either. That’s a given in Politics.

    Mitt’s lies go straight to his character. It’s not that he’s flawed….we all are. He knows it is bs. He just does not care. Uses lies like a scalpel. And less and less people are willing to swallow his crap.

    Finally, enough bs to cost him the election.


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