Think Outside the Pen.

Step outside the herd for a moment please.

Here is what bugs me about Romney’s tax returns. People assume he is hiding something, and they are correct. They assume it’s the fact that he is rich, and that is incredibly stupid. Who the hell doesn’t know that?

If you believe his accountants, as I do, also understanding that this is a big deal to people on both sides, then here is my conclusion.

Something in his returns is so damaging to him, they have chosen to take the hit with the voter’s, perhaps even lose the election, rather than release the documents which HE offered to release.

That’s a bit too troubling to me, but you are free to rejoin either herd you like.

Just sayin’

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1 Response to Think Outside the Pen.

  1. don says:

    Look folks, I speak the truth.

    This should have been Oba-Math vs. Mitt-Math long ago.

    It should at least be Obama + vs. Something Else at this late stage in the game.

    What we have is Obama + vs. (anything else, even if it’s bs).

    That is a bs argument and a bs plan. Romney wreaks whenever he speaks.


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