Houston, We Have a Problem….

In a recent fb post from my nephew about Lance Armstrong, my sister made the conclusion that Lance was an ass. She referred to it as something she hadn’t known.

So here’s the problem. I have personally relayed information to her that would cause anybody to conclude that Lance is an ass. First hand opinion, second hand information, and third party opinions. Was she just not listening?

So here’s the bigger problem. The same thing is happening with Mitt Romney. People are telling everybody they can that this guy is major bad news. People don’t appear to be listening. That just might get Mitt in Office, but if so, don’t forget what is coming next. The oops!

Let me offer some opinion. Mitt may be good in bed, while you lie there hugging that fluffy white pillow…your husband or wife. You let him roll on top of you, and the deed is almost done. After the election, I promise you, he is going to roll off of you and say….”oops!”

So please, don’t come crying because nobody told you only 53% of this Tools tool works. True, he’s nutless, so maybe you don’t have to worry about the seed, but folks….it is gonna be messy.

Is this stuff really that hard, guys?

Just sayin’

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2 Responses to Houston, We Have a Problem….

  1. G. W. Grillo says:

    But Don, Isn’t that always the case? No matter who wins (or won) this or previous elections, there is always that group who feels like they were used, abused, and taken advantage of. They made their choice in the “paradise by the dashboard light” and now regret they could have been so damn stupid to fall for the lines. Will you love me forever? Let me sleep on it, I’ll give you an answer in the morning. Obama has plenty of former disciples who now have “seen the light” so to speak. Now they know they were fooled. But he promised transparency. Not from this President. But he promised to close Gitmo. Sorry, still open. Immigration? Maybe, if he gets another term. Now they step back and claim “I’ll never fall for that crap again” right? Wrong. They will put Romney on the same pedestal until he fails to keep his promises. Do I blame the politicians? Not really and here is why. Upper level politics is nothing more than a power trip for the wealthy. To them it’s a game. Nothing more. I may take some flack for this but I blame the American voters. The voting public to me can be best described like a teenage girl with daddy issues. The only difference is that instead of jumping from man to man, giving freely of themselves to gain acceptance, they jump from candidate to candidate giving freely of their vote to gain acceptance (to the party). While I’m aware that doing what’s in my best interest is not on either candidate’s to do list, I consider the vote that I’ve placed this year akin to voting like a teenage boy trying to decide who to date. The girl who I’ve seen before, made promises and sent me home frustrated, or the girl who made promises, and since I don’t know, I have hope that she will follow through and send me home happy. Semper Fidelis


  2. don says:

    You killed me with that one Gregg. Great reply. We’re on the same page. The lack of effort to get informed just bugs me to the core. Disagree if you want, just base it in fact, or common sense, like you just did.

    Thanks again.


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