Mitt Lost the Election Last Night

Romney lost the Middle to a large extent last night. What a pathetic, pandering, deceitful performance. You can’t flatly refuse to answer a question on foreign policy during a live Debate on Foreign Policy. There is no defending him now, not that there ever was, but will it matter?

It’s simple folks. Once you prove that you will say; or not say; ANYTHING to get elected, you cast doubt on EVERYTHING you have said up to that point. And now, beyond that point. Mitt Romney can’t be trusted.

Will the Obama victory help us, or hurt us? We’ll see.

Just sayin’

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4 Responses to Mitt Lost the Election Last Night

  1. G. W. Grillo says:

    This was definitely not a great debate. I think Romney came across as soft and pandering while Obama came across as rude and disrespectful. They have both been fact checked, and they both lied. Typical. Do I think Romney lost the election last night? No, but he sure didn’t help himself. I think at this point, most minds have been made up, and that neither one of the candidates did themselves any favors. Either way, whoever wins, I still have to get up and go to work in the morning, and either way, you won’t find me with my hand out. My opinion on last night’s debate? They both suck……Semper Fidelis


  2. don says:

    Well put, Gregg. I just think there is too much proof out there now for Romney to hide from all the competing groups he is pandering to. He truly is “Multiple Choice Mitt.” Amazing.

    As for if he lost the election last night, that is my personal opinion, as well as what is being expressed via social media in many different ways. I’m looking inside the numbers. It isn’t good for Mitt, I’ll tell you that.

    If he loses this election, I feel comfortable having called the last Debate the final nail in his Mausoleum.


  3. mike says:

    I think saying Romney lost last night is going too far. Yes, he was weak on a few points but he is still in this. He was strong in showing America that he has what it takes. As for pathetic I don’t see you running to become the president. It takes a strong man to stand up for what he believes in.


  4. don says:

    Too far to say Romney lost? We’ll see soon.

    Everybody is digging deep into our activity on Social Media sites to see what people are saying, or not saying to each other. Since people have, for the most part, stopped talking to anyone about politics except those they think are on their side. All this information is available and paints a pretty clear picture of what is going.

    Defense of Mitt Romney and his positions has largely disappeared. Many, many people will still vote for Mitt, but it appears they will no longer argue the case for Mitt in any meaningful way. That means something. Pro-Romney rhetoric is predominately just, Obama is bad. Mitt is good has disappeared.

    Look it up for yourselves. That’s why I say he lost. He just had not made enough ground with Moderates, and he hurt his cause in that last debate. This part is NOT opinion folks, look it up.

    Mitt looked right into the camera and lied to us all. That is without question. So the new question is, will it cost him the election. So far, it appears that it will.

    We’ll see.

    As for me running for office, the thought is appealing. Not sure I would ever do it, but I care about politics because we will pass control to our children one day. I want to be able to look my girls in the eye and say I tried to improve the process.

    Lastly, It does take a strong man to stand up for what he believes. That’s just not the case with Mitt. Nobody knows what he believes in, not even him.


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