My Achilles Spiel on Third-Party Politics

Ok, here’s my dilemma and my logic for the choices I made. It’s one I had to come to terms with the first time I registered as an Independent, as have other voters. Am I wasting my vote? If I support Mr. AG Lose, am I wasting my vote?

My opinion is no, it would not be a wasted vote, but it could be a costly one.

The success of Third Party Candidates (TPC) can only be measured at the State level. Congrats to them, but it is clearly not working at the Federal level. Nobody to obtain Congressional office could honestly be called Independent in any Moderate sense, and that feeds the Gridlock in DC. Generally, TPC’s have often run in General Elections after a failed attempt to Gain the D or R spot in Primary Elections. In most of those cases, they represent the “cream of the extreme” for both parties.

In a Vanilla vs. Vanilla-Light election cycle, I would support a TPC if I felt it was right, and if they were moderate. The threshold for Federal election dollars and inclusion in National Debates is a fairly low percentage of the overall vote, but seems a Giant Step for us to take.

Why? Because, we haven’t had a Vanilla vs. Vanilla-Light election cycle in forever, have we?

No. We always seem to have Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy vs. Banana Split. Like today. Dangerous times to stand on one principle over so many others. If a vote cast for an Independent will hand the election to a person with more extreme views, how do we benefit from it?

There may well be another vanilla race, but I suspect somebody with Celebrity will also play a role in furthering the cause of Third Parties.

Right now, I think it better to bet against Romney. It is absolutely in my best interest. I really believe it is in the Countries best interest, but we all have different Masters.

Just sayin’

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4 Responses to My Achilles Spiel on Third-Party Politics

  1. G. W. Grillo says:

    Another good article. As I have stated before, I am a registered Independent. During the 2008 election, I caught a ton of flack for my “wasted” vote. I cast my ballot for Ralph Nader. Now, to be honest, I did not believe that Mr. Nader had a chance of winning the election. I think he managed to obtain one half of one percent (or 0.5%) of the vote for the 2008 election.
    During the 2008 campaign, I heard all about, then candidate Obama’s, Hope and Change. My evaluations lead me to feel that his plan was simply to take money from those who earn it and give it to welfare. I did not feel that my middle class status would be improved. In fact, I’ve lost more than I care to say under his administration. Bottom line for me is that my pay went down and the prices for all the things that I need, not want, but need, have gone up. So for 2008, as well as 2012, I’m happy to say Obama did not get my vote.
    In 2008 the other main stream candidate for the presidency, John McCain, made me believe he was the second coming of Bush. At least with Bush, my pay increased each year and I felt pretty solid about the future of our nation and the economy.
    So why not vote for McCain? In my opinion, he is a morally reprehensible human being. John McCain returned to the United States after being released as a prisoner of war. One of the first things he did was leave his wife, a former beauty queen, who had been disfigured in an automobile accident, for a younger, more attractive, richer woman with some political connections. She waited for him and this is what she gets in return? Behavior such as this gives a pretty good insight into the level of John McCain’s lack of character. It is for this reason that I placed a vote for Mr. Nader and I never regretted it. Hell, at least he helped put seatbelts in cars.
    To me, the only wasted vote is the one that is not cast or goes against your conscious. I would just like to encourage people to vote their conscious, but please take a look and seriously start researching some of these third party candidates and platforms. You may be surprised at how much better they fit your beliefs than the Elephant or the Donkey. Either way, I won’t lose hope. I know it will take years for the general public to break away from the status quo. Thankfully, I’m a patient man. Semper Fidelis


  2. don says:

    Yeh, Gregg. No vanilla stuff lately.

    I was never able to fully wrap my head around Obama during the election cycle, and still haven’t. I just became unable to support John McCain. He went too far right, making me choose between Center Left and something between Center Right and Far Right. Center Left is closer to my life and concerns at home, and in politics.

    Once again, I voted against someone who I felt would undermine the liberties I have been blessed with.

    Brings up a thought. If you are in a solid Red state, would it be helpful to cast your ballot for the TPC, if there is one on the ballot? Or write the most popular TPC’s name in on the ballot?

    Just sayin’


  3. G. W. Grillo says:

    If I am in a solid Red state, I don’t believe it would it be helpful to the Donkey, the Elephant, or those in the “Third” to cast my ballot for the “Third Party”. That being said, I do believe that my vote is a matter of principle. If I cast my ballot “for the lesser of two evils” as I have heard so many people claim that they do, I feel like either way, you’re voting for “evil” or against what you believe. I think that when you go against your beliefs, you are wasting your vote. I am a definitely a third party guy. I would encourage all people to check into alternate parties. They may be surprised at how much better a fit they are than the main stream. I have found that most Donkeys are not total liberals just as most Elephants aren’t total staunch conservatives. There is a happy median. I encourage you to look for yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong Don, but I think we are pretty close on this one…..Semper Fidelis


  4. don says:

    Yeh, Gregg. We’re on the same page there dude. That’s the people I want to talk to here. The Middle.


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