Could Somebody Tell Me Why….?

….I should believe a guy who has been pounding me with ads that Government does not / cannot create jobs? Because now he is pounding the message that his Foreign Policy / Defense Spending (that’s Government, right?) will create 250,000 jobs. Which one is a lie?


….why it shouldn’t matter what Romney said on that video disrespecting nearly half the Country? Either he was lying to his friends to get their money, or he is lying to us to win the election. He is a liar either way.


….a Super Rich guy is honest in trying to convince me he is in touch with the Middle Class? He has never “felt the pain” of the middle class in his entire life.


….Military  Service is not reason enough to dislike Romney? We will never see him or his fine healthy sons in uniform. Maybe Halloween, huh?


….a woman would vote for this Joker? Romney-Appleseed hates women, except the ones he would like to be married to. Mexico, anyone?


Really, guys?


Just sayin’

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4 Responses to Could Somebody Tell Me Why….?

  1. Gregg W. Grillo says:

    Hey Don,
    First off, if the government did not create jobs, neither you, nor I, would have been alble to serve. Of course, that is on the lower level of pay, not honor. In my humble opinion, every politician who has won an election is living off the government boob. MAYBE, the local politicians have the best of intentions and feel that they can use their newly elected position to help the people, not just their best interest. Under our current president, I’ve heard alot of talk, but have not seen alot of action. With Romney and his experience in business, he knows how to create jobs. Will he do it? I don’t have a clue. My bottom line is if you think that either candidate is honest with the american people, you are lying to yourself. When it comes to the truth, one lie is no better than the other. Both Obama and Romney are liars. If you ask yourself which of these guys is telling the truth, you are asking the wrong question. The question is, who is going to create more jobs? Obama does not have a good record in this catagory, so I’ll give Romney one term to make improvements. If he does not. I will go back to voting for third party candidates.

    They both have disrespected a great deal of americans. From Romney’s 47% comment to Obama’s comment about us clinging to our bibles and guns. Obama spent twenty years in a church with a pastor, whom he called a mentor, race baiting and crying out God Da#m America. Let’s not forget the pandering to the African American congregation stating that New Orleans did not recieve the help they needed after the flood. He cited the Stafford Act, claiming that it was given in New York and Florida, but not New Orleans. He lied. He himself voted to grant it, and it was passed, before he made that speech. My point is that neither candidate really cares about all the people, so why pretend that they do?

    On this one, all I have to say is that Obama went to college in New York, where he had an apartment (you know how expensive that is), and then Harvard. You can’t after basic research, believe Obama is in touch with the middle class. Both of these men had the type of pampered lives that we all wish we could provide for our children. Obviously, Romney was more pampered, but for anyone to believe they are in touch with, or “felt the pain” of the middle class is comical.

    Romney has had a lot of former female employees talk about what a great boss he was. I’m sure some will claim he is a bastard. Either way, females on Obama’s staff are paid less than their male counterparts. Some have even stated that the enviornment is hostile. I just believe the war on women is bull shit. Not that women sometimes get passed over or recieve lower pay, but that either side can with a straight face claim to do better then the other in regard to this issue.

    My opinion is that if you think either candidate or party is looking out and cares about you, you unfortunately are sadly mistaken. The biggest problem we have in this country is political parties pushing what they want. We need representation that is looking out for the welfare of all, not some. Oh, and by looking out for, I don’t mean a bunch of handouts.

    As stated, just my opinions.

    Over the last 40 plus years, we have had Clinton and Obama who did not serve. The argument can be made for some other presidents who served but did not leave the country. My question is why was it accetable for Clinton and Obama, but not for Romney? For that matter, why is it acceptable that the great majority of our elected officials did not serve? I would like to vote for a president that has military service, but where/who is he? My opinion is this is a moot point. Neither served, nor will their children.


  2. don says:

    Great post, dude. Where have you been? : )

    To be honest, though, I kinda feel like you perceive us to be on opposite sides. That may be true in this election, and maybe on some issues, but if you read my posts, we are in the same camp. Moderates and the Middle Class are getting screwed by DC. This is bigger than one man, and life will go on after the election. But will we be any better off. Probably not. We could be worse either way.

    Ditto on Gov jobs. Romney is wrong when he discounts their importance.

    President Obama is surely more in touch with my life than Romney. He took student loans to go to college and paid them all back. Will it matter? Who knows.

    Someone who has openly stated his intent to undo the reproductive rights of women is NO friend to Women. Period.

    What I find unacceptable is someone denying that a President with Military Service would benefit our Country and Troops. However, do not attempt to equate not-volunteering for military service during peacetime, to that of refusal to answer the call to serve when your number comes up during a time of war. It’s not even a close call, brother.

    Awesome post dude.


  3. Gregg W. Grillo says:

    I think you nailed it with your reply. We are most definately in the same camp, we just don’t agree on some topics. To me, that is what is great about being an American. Also, good point about peace time and war time service. I never went that deep in my thoughts on the topic, but I see your point and agree that it is valid, although I don’t buy in 100%. The reason I don’t is because we have to speculate if the President would have joined the service had a war been fought during his service aged years. I do not believe Obama, or any of the rest who did not serve, would have. From my view of politicians, a war would make them less likely to serve. I agree my statement is not fair, just speculation. In regard to women, I do not want my daughter to get an abortion with the exception of rape, or health. I also feel that what your daughter, wife, mother, does with her body is her business. What may be right for some, is not right for others. I think that a woman should be educated prior to this decision and given a day or two to think about it. After education and a day or two “waiting” period, the decsion should be theirs alone. If my daughter came home pregnant, my wife and I would prefer to raise the child ourselves if she did not want the baby. Bottom line, I don’t think abortion should be taken lightly, but I believe the ultimate decsion should be the womans.
    Now, I have a question for you……..Have you ever check out the Libertarian party? What are your views there?


  4. don says:

    Ouch! My sore spot. I’ll reply, but not in a sound bite.

    Look for “My Achilles Spiel on Third-Party Politics” to be posted this evening.

    Thanks again for joining the discussion. Invite others.


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