Riddle Me These, Sheared Crusaders.

What is more likely?

Mitt-Math/Romney-conomics is provable, the solution to all of our economic woes, but must remain an ABSOLUTE SECRET except from a handful of Conservative Groups so Obama doesn’t steal the plan, propose and pass the legislation and take credit for a miracle 3 week recovery and get re-elected. Or….

He cannot prove his plan will add up, AND subtract from the Deficit in any significant way. Might even hurt the middle class whose vote he needs desperately.


Hey Veterans. Can someone openly support a war, yet decline to serve his Country militarily, and still command/deserve/earn the respect of our Troops?



Why do people believe a guy who says “you were unsuccessful because you weren’t MORE successful?”


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3 Responses to Riddle Me These, Sheared Crusaders.

  1. Margaret says:

    Soooo, I DVR the ABC & NBC World News every evening, . When I’m ready I sit to watch it, fast forwarding through commercials … and through everything political. For a good while now I’m done in a flash. It’s not that I don’t care it’s more that I care too much. The amount of money being spent is CRAZY!


    • Silvana says:

      And who is responsible for the incredible amount of money being spent on campaigns? People with money so they can play by different rules because they paid for it. It is like when head of a household says:”It is my house, I am paying mortgage on it.” That is where Mr. Romney comes from. If we keep electing people like him, we will never change how our politics work. Sad part is that if one wants to stay in the game, one must follow the rules. Imagine if Barack decided not to raise the funds. There would be no way on earth he’d get elected. No way!


  2. don says:

    Too right! Campaign Finance Reform is way past due, but a tough sell with Super-PAC’s in the game. One guy in Vegas has spent/donated the better part of $100K.

    We would be better off trying to find people who are not in the game yet to support for office, moderates from any party, and limit their ability to go TOO criminally insane.

    Term Limits, minimal Fund Raising Activity, NO Lobbyists, etc..

    Just sayin’


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