Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven

I woke up this morning extra-pissed-off about Politics. I am devoting a lot of time, trying to start a discussion about improving the Middle Class and bringing Moderates into the political process, beyond this election. The result? Almost nothing. Most people seem content to bitch about everything and discuss nothing. About half the respondents are unable to participate on the basis of fact.

I drove to a local 7-Eleven to buy cigarettes and was reminded of something weird. A recent gas stop at a different location in a middle class neighborhood was my first introduction to the Chains vote with your coffee cup promotion for the 2012 Presidential Election Cycle. I remember wondering at the time why no Obama cups were available. Not one cup.

This morning’s trip presented the same question, but I didn’t ask it. At the payment counter, I noticed a tray of Political buttons and pins, for sale, not free, all were for Mitt Romney.

Not wanting to hold up the line behind me; all white men; I joked with the cashier that she should throw them in the trash. She smiled and told me she preferred to leave them out in plain sight. Nobody was buying them.  She asked if I wanted one. I laughed, saying, “2 + 2 = 5?…I’m not buying it.”

A young male construction worker behind me in line spoke up. “I’m not rich….no thanks, I’m not buying it.”

From blue collar to white collar (in appearance), every person behind me in line openly agreed for various reasons.

I left the store reassured. People are speaking out, or making their opinions known. Still, I don’t know if that will translate into more power for the people, or more of the same old crap.

Just sayin’

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