Say It Ain’t So,…

Mitt Romney is currently, officially pro-life, with a goal of ending a woman’s right to choose, though he may allow exceptions, such as rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger.

Paul Ryan Believes that life begins at conception, oops or not. His name is on a bill ending a woman’s choice with exception as well, but does not include victims of rape. The Bills Co-Sponsor points out that in cases of legitimate rape, a woman’s body will just stop a pregnancy from occurring.

The next President we have will likely have the opportunity to appoint 1 or more Supreme Court Justices. Both Romney and Ryan have stated plainly that their appointee would support their positions on Women’s Reproductive Rights. Therefore, without ever having to pass legislation, they open the door to a Court challenge with that result.

My wife, 4 daughters, mother, 4 sisters and a ton of nieces should have, should have always had, and should always have the right to decide such issues for themselves.

I will not risk their right to do as they decide by voting for Mitt Romney.

I will not sacrifice Principles for politics.

You may have a different view. Feel free to voice it here, but it it’s bs, I’ll rip it to shreds.

Just sayin’

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