Bah Ram Ewe

It Worked….Now sheep can read English!!!!


Dear Dopes,

You Snooze, We All Lose.

I wish I could say that I can’t remember the last time the electorate was this screwed up on the issues we face as a Nation.  I can’t. Polar division has become the norm.

I wish I could say that the winner of this Election will bridge the gap between the Extremes and help pull us together. I can’t. Neither the Left or Right views compromise as in their best interest.

I wish I could say that facts matter in political debate. They don’t. You can get on television and say ANYTHING to rally supporters, and afterwards, deny that you ever said what 50 million + people heard you say.

Some see daylight at the end of the tunnel; others see a train racing towards disaster.

So, here’s the thing, folks. I totally get the confusion. The misinformation machine has done its job very well. What I don’t understand is why so many people are too lazy to check the facts as represented by the Extremes. There is nothing difficult about finding the truth in most cases.

If you believe ANYONE who says Race is not a factor in this election, you are asleep at the wheel. I personally know people who will vote against Obama because he is black. Family, friends  and acquaintances.

If you believe Romney has no plan to end the reproductive rights that women and men have fought so hard for, you are blind and deaf, as well as dumb. If you want your wife, sister or daughter to be forced to birth a baby conceived by Rape, Mitt is your guy. Perhaps you can find some adoption forms on his website. By the way, GO SCREW YOURSELF! If you need assistance or detailed instructions, I’m easy to find.

If you believe that Obama is responsible for where we got, fine. If he owns that blame, then he gets credit for where we going, right? If not, then your hypocrisy knows no bounds, and you have ZERO credibility when your lips move. NONE!

If you believe Obama has increased the deficit each year he has been in office, you are wrong. Look it up, it’s easy. Believe your eyes, not the lies.

If you’re not pissed off that a Nation of People born of misrepresentation and mistreatment by the hands of a Ruling Class has let Government get so out of hand again, take your own hand and slap the crap out of yourself! This should not have happened in a million years.

If you believe that a 2 TRILLION DOLLAR EXTRA Defense Spending Spree is normal stuff, and not the birth announcement of a Brand New Baby War, throw a vote in the Mitt, and throw a log on the fire. It’s gonna be a loooong winter.

If you believe in Trickle-down Economics, you are ignoring 32+ years of proof that it does not work.

If you STILL believe that Trickle-down Economics is the way out of our current mess, you’re just not very bright. That doesn’t make you a bad person, but it does indicate that in a hundred-watt world, your bulb only has two digits.

If you support a war, yet decline to serve in it if needed….well. You are not devout….you are debunked, and devalued.

It doesn’t take a genius to see some of this stuff.

It doesn’t take a genius to point these things out.

Will you wake up, or, can we count on you to sleep?

Just sayin’

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1 Response to Bah Ram Ewe

  1. dea says:

    “believe your eyes not the lies” very true


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