House Of Card Carrying Idiots

Don’t think we got sold out by our Leaders?

The top 160 Members of the US House of Representatives have been in DC since the 1990’s. 99 Dems, 61 Repubs.

The top 49 have been there since the 1980’s. 21 Dems, 28 Repubs.

The top 15, since the 70’s. 10 Dems, 5 Repubs.

The top 2 , the 60’s. Both Dems.

Even the 1950’s is represented by the Senior Member in the House.

I have something I want to give them. A wonderful parting gift. The soonest possible start of the Golden Goose Retirement System (GGRS) they built for themselves, in the land they helped create.

Sure, we gave them the keys without a curfew, and looked the other way. But these Jokers drove 90 mph around Dead Man’s Curve and crashed the Gas-Guzzling SUV.

They have the NERVE to call us every few years and tell us more details about the wreck, yet still claim not to know how it happened.

Folks, if it’s not their fault, then who the hecks fault is it? Elections are about holding out hope AND holding elected officials accountable.

It’s time to do both. Well past time, to be honest. Incumbents have to go, and Moderates need to replace them. Period.

Just sayin’

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