Double Senatration

We have a Power Problem folks. We’ve let it build up in DC and it’s causing Brownouts across the Country.

The top 45 ranking Senate Members have been in Federal Office 10 years or more. 27 D, 17 R, 1 I.

The top 25 have been in DC almost 20 years or more. 16 D, 8 R, 1 I.

The top 9, almost 30 years or more. 5 D, 4 R.

Seven Members have been there since the 1970’s. 4 D, 3 R.

The top dawg is a Dem who has been in DC since the early 1960’s. He was in Federal Office before I was born.  Heck, before I became a Person….you know, the Moment of Conception, when ______ Fearing People gaze deeply into each others eyes and discuss what to name their Orgasm.

Some of you guys kill me, you really do.

My brothers and sisters, if you are not on-board the “We’re Getting Screwed” bandwagon, then, I beg of you, please tell me what the problem is.

The Moderator of the last VP debate actually framed one question really well, though it was largely ignored by the Candidates. Basically, she asked each guy what about them was so special that only they could do the job.

The simple, truthful answer to that question that VP Biden and Congressman Ryan should have given, would have taken each of them less than 15 seconds. Instead of heart strings and warm fuzzies, they should have both replied, “There is nothing that special about me. This job was designed for ANY American Citizen to do if they love their Country and want to serve.”

We didn’t hear that though, did we?

Just sayin’

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