That Which We Make, That Isn’t Stealable Or Stolen, Makes US Stronger.

Hillary Clinton proposed, and rightfully so, that it takes a village to raise a child. I propose, that it takes even more skills and abilities to build the village. Even more skills to keep it functional mechanically. Even more skills to keep it spiritually functional, but that a dead horse of a different color….red and blue.

Could we PLEASE move on from the notion that we have moved from manufacturing. That we WANT to be the world leader in stuff that’s made up, not stuff we made! What a load of CRAP! World Superpower is something to be proud of, but enlighten me, please. As we have been called to put down plowshares and pick up guns, we’ve done so. We always will. But, nobody ever said not to pick up the plow again when we got home. Not until our generation(s). Why is that?

We cannot exist or compete globally if we focus on this “property rights / intellectual property rights / electronic transaction fee / etc..” economy as the mecca worthy of a lifetime’s journey. A good argument could be made that since our parents taught us the value of a dollar, we went out to collect as many of them as possible, by doing as little as possible.

Who wants to be a millionaire, overnight? Duh, right? It’s tempting to look at the rules in place for the wealthy and say, “there, but for the grace of ______ go I.” Well, vice-versa, but you get the point. However, with respect to who is likely to be a millionaire, are these greed driven rules more likely to hurt you, or help you in your lifetime?

Besides, if being a millionaire was so great, everybody would be doing it.

Just sayin’

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