Biden’n My Time: Will Joe land a blow or will Ryan keep lying?

What will be the outcome of the much-touted Vice-Presidential Debate in a few hours? Probably a good night for Smokin’ Joe, odds are, I think.


Here’s a few punches to throw….

Congressman Ryan and his Running-Mate are always boasting support from the Military and Veterans Groups because of their Policies. I differ from that assumption, but it’s their Practice that troubles me. Governor Romney supported a war that he conscientiously objected to serving in; as is his right; doing so on the grounds of a Religion he all but refuses to speak of. As for my opponent this evening, and in this I’ll include Governor Romneys fine young sons, they all had the same opportunity to serve this Country Militarily on Active Duty, and chose not to, as is also their right. To the extent that a Romney-Ryan Administration would receive their marching orders from a group of Conservatives who have already show a propensity to rush into armed conflict, I’m mindful that the sons and daughters they would so carelessly send into harms way….are not their own. Look folks, I know the choice to serve in the military, during peacetime or conflict, is deeply personal, but it is still a choice, and it is telling.


To listen to my opposition is to hear a commitment to Math and Science. Yet they spew the ignorance of Legitimate Rape? They Put Members on the Science Committee who think it’s all lies? They put forth assertions in their budget and tax plan that a 2nd grader could disprove. Folks, this cannot be the people we have running this Country.


When a man is safe in his surroundings among people he feels akin to, then that man can truly be himself. We saw an example of that when Governor Romney made all those false, incendiary comments about 47% of you listening out there tonight. There are two things I can say with absolute certainty. The assertions he made were wrong, and disrespectful to the American Public. And, most troubling is that either at the time the tape was made, or since the tape became public, Governor Romney has not been telling somebody the truth.


Just sayin’

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3 Responses to Biden’n My Time: Will Joe land a blow or will Ryan keep lying?

  1. Mike Forsch says:

    Joe covered the play, dominated, ruled, unmercilessly routed the youth, never let up, and thoroughly controlled the entire conversation from begining to end. (That’s a Media Way of saying that he ducked, dodged and weaved through the questions, was rude and interupting; actually insulting and misleading, but came out looking as though he had won a contest; albeit, a contest of who could talk the fastest and the most).—–My opinion: Polit-speak. Joe 1—-Kid 0; —-Truth Level, My meter wouldn’t produce a reading that small.—–Charisma, Joe 1—Kid 1.2 Only because he wasn’t interupting and overbearing; otherwise he would have been defeated.
    Ryan should be sent to the WWE for three weeks of training in, talking trash, voice raising, using “WOW” words and making faces and gestures——the public loves stuff like that (you don’t even have to answer the right question, just act good); then he might have a better chance. (I’d rather look good than actually know what’s going on).
    My scale of measuring a good use of my time, ranking/watching the debate = Walk on hot coals…….Enema…….X..Wash the dog……Watch the Debate; so, there you have it


  2. Rich Collier says:

    They’re not claiming winner/loser status, but I’d say Biden crushed it.


  3. don says:

    Too right Rich. I thought Biden would win the debate by keeping the focus off of foreign affairs and on the Middle Class and Economy. Damned if he didn’t win on foreign policy too.

    Way to go, Joe.


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