Social Media Exposes Wear In Social Fabric

Social Media Exposes Wear In Social Fabric

How long will it take until headlines like this; with this message; sink into the Social Fabric in a way that promotes real understanding of the problems we face as a Nation.

Is the weave a little worn?….certainly. Some say it’s torn, reminiscent of times when wear and tear appeared on Old Glory when she carried less stars amid the sea of blue. I disagree.

I’ll concede to wear, tear or both, by saying “who cares?” I question the assumption that to represent division on an issue, you should draw a line down the middle and split like-minded people apart in the one area we should be nurturing….the middle. Pull out your graphs and pie charts, folks. I don’t think the outliers are pulling their weight.Resort the data. Divide us in half if you need to, but leave out the left and right quarters. Leave the middle intact.To me, it’s reassuring that Politics in this Country has long ignored the middle, yet here we stand, just like we’ve always stood. We’re just waiting for enough people to wake up from their feast.

Don’t believe me?

Go out in front of your house, if you have one.
Look at the stars and stripes, if you fly them.
Are they worn around the edges or ripped down the middle?
If torn down the middle, read the label.
Made in China?

Just saying.

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3 Responses to Social Media Exposes Wear In Social Fabric

  1. don says:

    drstiffforalwalkerfromfacebook: We keep talking about bringing jobs back to America, back in the 80’s what was the slogan that began the resurgence of manufacturing in the U.S.? Buy American! Unfortunately, with several trade agreements in place the door was opened for manufacturing to leave our borders. I applaud what ABC has been doing to revive the American manufacturing spirit with their “Made In America” campaign. We can only hope that all see what benefits can come from investing in manufactured goods from this country.


  2. don says:

    You rock Al! Hit the nail on the head.

    We really do need to make stuff here. I talked about how we might deal with China in another post, but to view China as an unbeatable foe is a farce, and a disgrace. Too many folks weigh their odds of success or failure, alone, when deciding to compete in an event. As long as it’s not a winner take all event, there’s generally at least a crappy ribbon for the also-ran’s. Right?

    We win by taking part in the competition, win, place or show. The competition makes us better….sharpens skills….improves quality….lowers costs….increases revenue.

    We DO NOT have to DEFEAT China. We just have to NOT LOSE. And that, my brothers and sisters, is completely up to us.

    Just sayin’


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