Where’s My Apple?

Ok. Time for facts to end the insanity. Talk about Obama PERSONALLY exploding the federal debt through his use of executive powers/orders is just silly. Obama has NOT added $ 5.6 Trillion to our debt through executive order. It is clear that “at a minimum the Obama administration is responsible for $2 trillion, or 39 percent of the $5.17 trillion in deficits since fiscal year 2009.” according to factcheck.org, in a critical post about the Obama deficit. If you take out two very public pieces of legislation that account for $ 1.631 Trillion, that leaves $ 339 Billion.

Even if every cent were attributable to spending by executive order; by Obama; it’s a far cry from $ 5.6 Trillion.

In the immortal words of Officer Jimmy Malone, “There endeth the lesson.”

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