Squeeze Me….Bakin’ Powder….?

Dear Mitt, Please stick a fork in yourself.

Seems America isn’t falling for you.

“Shovel after shovel full, they dug through his Five Point Plan and such.
It seems now they have decided: Mitt the Savior?….Not so much.”

“It’s clear to most that good old Mitt’s the Snake, and NOT the Charmer.”

It’s not enough for us, good old Mitt, to say you have a new plan.
And clear to us now you never had one, not even one only you can understand.

Simply put Mitt, show us the money!!!! We obviously need a crash course in Mitt-Math, Romneyconomics, whatever. At this late hour, we’d settle for Jethro Bodeen with a Naught/Naught Abacus. But not even a Double-Naught spy can drag this info from your cold, dead ideas.

This is not “I’ve Got A Secret”, but somehow Bertie Wooster won’t let Jeeves in on the answer.


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