Ok….so here I sit after having just decided to hide or un-post or whatever it is you do to pull something off of my falcebook page. A send-up of Romney for being a DUMBASS, and a twist on the political flavor of that day, the Sam Jackson ad video, “Wake the F*** Up!” Seems some of you guys are focusing too much on the serious side FOR US ALL about this guy. You have barely touched on the humorous side. And yes, BOTH sides were intended. I CANNOT STAND THIS GUY!!!!

Look. I know you guys are pissed. I AM TOO! And guess what. All of this Lessor of Two Evils crap Ain’t Getting’ a F’n Thang Done! WE have screwed up royally! We lost the last little grip we had on controlling/influencing DC. Period! If you disagree….pinch yourself! If you feel it and you still feel the same, GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!
And NO. It’s not funny, but let’s be honest. Some of you can’t see the humor because ALL THE JOKERS are in the way.You want to have this discussion, fine. Here’s your invitation. Here’s the rules.We all have opinions, you know the rest. Speak up.
But keep in mind, opinions stop being opinions when they can be proven wrong. Knock yourself out, but own your words if you risk crapping against the wind.
Keep it here. Can’t say I won’t have to hide anything, but I won’t delete anything. Everybody needs the same scoop.
Be respectful, and open to the possibility that there is more common ground among us than Political Parties want us to think.
Do what you can to increase the size of the conversation.
Use your brains. Our kids are ignorant, and that’s being charitable, but supposedly anyone 45 – 65 years of age is not technically ignorant.We’ll see.
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4 Responses to OK. STOP THE MADNESS.

  1. Mike Forsch says:

    Addendum to the Making Crap Here: My goal is not to defeat the Chinese (they need work too); it is to restore some of the lost jobs, the more reliable products, the local “face to face” contact with the merchant, improve the tax base for the GDP / IRS, and more importantly, provide that the skills necessary to be productive in America aren’t lost; (who many young people do you know that can build or repair anything?); as an overall trend. Anything that has left the country leaves a trail of deficit behind (as above) and, if restored would certainly benefit the re-growth (or restoration process) of the economy and the nation——I think.


  2. don says:

    Hillary Clinton proposed, and rightfully so, that it takes a village to raise a child. I propose, that it takes even more skills and abilities to build the village. Even more skills to keep it functional mechanically. Even more skills to keep it spiritually functional, but that a dead horse of a different color….red and blue.

    Could we PLEASE move on from the notion that we have moved from manufacturing. That we WANT to be the world leader in stuff that’s made up, not stuff we made! What a load of CRAP! World Superpower is something to be proud of, but enlighten me, please. As we have been called to put down plowshares and pick up guns, we’ve done so. We always will. But, nobody ever said not to pick up the plow again when we got home. Not until our generation(s). Why is that?

    We cannot exist or compete globally if we focus on this “property rights / intellectual property rights / electronic transaction fee / etc..” economy as the mecca worthy of a lifetime’s journey. A good argument could be made that since our parents taught us the value of a dollar, we went out to collect as many of them as possible, by doing as little as possible.

    Who wants to be a millionaire, overnight? Duh, right? It’s tempting to look at the rules in place for the wealthy and say, “there, but for the grace of ______ go I.” But, with respect to who is likely to be a millionaire, are these greed driven rules more likely to hurt you, or help you in your lifetime?

    Besides, if being a millionaire was so great, everybody would be doing it.

    Just sayin’


  3. Led says:

    Perhaps we should just export war from now on. Mercenary nation. Send in SpecOps/assessment teams that look at the problem, then quote prices for various levels of ass whoopings. “India, you mad at Pakistan? 25 billion + operating expenses.” If we’re going to be a warlike society and have half the world hating on us, might as well get paid for it. I’m done with the alleged nation building. If we really were doing it because we are “doing the right thing” and care about people, we would be sorting out Africa where human suffering is the gold standard.


  4. don says:

    Sing it Led!

    For friendship-long displays of level-headedness and common sense, and because you are a really smart dude, my readers, will now be our readers.

    I’ll let newly-appointed Stiff Meat Contributing Blogger Led post his reasons for getting actively involved, so look for it under the About the Middle tab.

    He’s a straight-shooter with an excellent bs detector. Works for me!

    Welcome aboard brother, and thanks again.


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