Had Cake, Ate It, and Recycled.

My Q: Why are we starting anything right now that we can’t, or won’t finish?

My A: Simple. It’s a way to stockpile, perhaps even increase the flow of XXXXX, because we KNOW well always need XXXXX’s! And guess what. IT IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! DC just perverted the system to suck us dry.

Buy a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish….he’ll eat for a lifetime (except not really). Ever notice Congressmen fish a lot? War on Terrorist – laudable. War on terror – laughable. When they said they were going to defeat an inanimate object….terror….then they lost me. But they now have an endless stream of money to play with.

Look guys, got to war with people you can beat the crap out of and get back home. Without that, you lose my support. We need to focus on our best interest. You want to defeat China?….yes….let’s keep global conflict going at a slow boil and turn it up where we need to!….what?

To defeat a country that makes cheap goods….you strengthen your military? Are you going to force them to make them even cheaper? If not, then congratulations….you’re a dope! This isn’t Rocket Science, folks, not even rocket science 101 – Gee did anybody hear that big bang?

You could strengthen your military and announce your choice of playing field.
You could make the same goods here and level the playing field in the market.
You could stop importing goods made in china and say America, heal thyself, first.
You could do nothing at all and watch us become a joke.


You can’t do them ALL and expect anything to change. You just can’t.

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