Deficit on Toast?

tomichaelforsch10/01 Remember that anti-cali stuff we talked about after my last trip to Hollyweird? People actually tried to pretend they didn’t know about the bs going on over there. CRAP! (if you want to see that convo, lemme know if you can’t find it) It’s a State thing but indicative of the larger problem: IT’S NOT JUST THE RICH PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING US OVER!!!!
And WHO should pay for it my fellow Americans, is the easy part….
MY FELLOW AMERICANS ! THAT’S WHO ! Every single one of us who let this happen. You take the biggest, most cost effective chunk of the national debt and you divide it by “us”….not “US”….not our children!
Then we pay for it with $ that can’t be used for ANYTHING but this purpose and WE EAT IT !
When we decide to look our children straight in the eyes and say “We screwed up….We’re awake now….We are not JUST sorry….We will fix it….WE OWE YOU THAT”, then it may become OUR PRIORITY.
If you think it IS our priority right now, Pinch yourself, blah, blah, blah.

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