Could Somebody Make Cheap Crap Here?

tomichaelforsh10/03 Yeh Mike. We need to make stuff again, but step up our game. Let’s stop worrying about defeating “Communist China” and start worrying about defeating “Fledgling Democracy China.” It’s not that far off in the future. Seed sewn, constantly watered, now let technology shed the light it needs to grow.

If we want cheap electronics, why aren’t we making them? Why are we trying to defeat China militarily, when that’s the one way we can’t afford to let happen. Look, if we make it, we don’t have to take it. Yes it will cost us all $, suck it up!

My buddy Sean ODell was volunteering to pay into SS System that he never expects to colllect from. Called it a “right to live in this Country tax.” Maybe he’s onto something there : ) He wouldn’t expect a rich republican to voluntarily pay extra taxes. Guess he’s not Rich. : )

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5 Responses to Could Somebody Make Cheap Crap Here?

  1. drsforseanodell says:

    Sean ODell said My “Right to live in this Country Tax” is what I call social security. Since I’m convinced it won’t be there when I get to my retirement. Don’t misrepresent me Don, and don’t make assumptions about me as well.


  2. drsforseanodell says:

    Sean ODell said Lets see if you would vote for me Don, here is the Sean ODell Presidential Economic Platform…..

    First off Privatize Social Security, Govt Pensions, any Retirement vehicles.

    Secondly, quit cutting check to ANYBODY who isn’t employed with the US Govt (I.e foreign aid, welfare, ANYBODY) until debt is reconciled. If someone asks “what about me” show them a picture of the up to the minute national debt, and say “when this reads 0, we will look at things on a case by case basis”

    Promise the wealthy a “one time offer” a significant tax break post debt reduction, should they agreed to pay more NOW. Otherwise, nothing for them.

    Well…. Do I get your campaign contribution?


  3. drstiff says:

    No Sean, no contribution. No vote from me, or most of America. Times are tough for too many of us. The people buying and selling that argument are mostly rich and/or running for political office. Let me ask you this. Is there no group among us that you could look in the eye and say, “This is not your responsibility….not your fault.”?


  4. drstiff says:

    My Q Sean: How do you suggest we replace (or do without) $ 16 Trillion in US govt domestic spending cuts over the next….how many years, exactly?


  5. drsformichaelforsch says:

    Sean, you didn’t get my vote. As long as the government collects a tax, based on a public law, that entitles anyone to a benefit; then, the government has the fiscal responsibility to meet the obligation. If, the government does not allocate the funds for (those) programs; then, the public has a right to know why, and where the funds were shifted to. If,the federal law governing Social Security requires that it be funded in full from the general fund (which it is) and the funds are used elsewhere, which they are; then they are to be repaid to the SS fund within a three year period; which, they are (sometimes) and vice versa. So, the “story that SS is broke is just that; a story, because the funds are being spent in other ways—-the yearly statement for SS listed a 12.4 Million surplus after all debt was settled. Welfare; Medicade (federal), Medi-Cal (state) SSI (state), Food and Housing Subsidy (know as several names; OSHA, HUD and ??) is the next crack in the system; by allowing an influx of people access to the system (which people); those with minimum income standards, the infirm, and immigrants (once they become a citizen),(CITIZEN); relocated ex-patriots; an a huge surplus of amnesty cases. These do oveburden a system that is deficient because of the ecomonomy, the spending, and the political jockeying. There are enough taxes being collected-period. When you have so many agendas that go beyond public need; there can be no repair. Now I don’t know about your states; but here, these are only a small few of the items (of crap that shouldn’t be) on the budget; i.e. the high speed train=85 Billion, 197 Million to refurbish (remodel) librarys in LA, 57 Million for a high school built on a toxic waste dump (that can’t be used) on & on—–since the state gov here won’t permit an outside audit, we cannot tell where our money went; other than that the state is 20 billion short for the year. Mulitply this by fifty states and you have the problem; then multiply that by the federal system and the big number shows up———WE ARE NOT THE ONES WHO SCREWED UP—— we are the ones that permitted those representatives to act in ways that are not beneficial to the US——-but we get caught up in the politics so much that we can’t see the forrest for the trees—–we have 2 candidates right now that will each do damage to the country—-how do we fix that; because you can’t pick “a” winner——-I say start getting rid of the rest, (Congress and Senate)—since they won’t provide honorable service. The other single most significant problem in America is that we are being overfed—-the media constantly feeds us (what they want us to hear) and we keep asking for more—-but few will actually go to the governmental sites and research the actull bill/law/legislation/act/budget to actually know what is happening—we just accept that the media is better informed than us. I say WAG THE DOG. We are being played. Taxes—-if you gave them nothing; they’d still show up because power and favor would still be avalable; if we gave them less they would spend less; hell no; they’d spend more and then cut public programs, just like right now—-don’t fall for the “wag the dog”.


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