Buckshot : Focus Guys.

tomichaelforsch9/30 OK, those are the players and those are their crimes. What’s done is done, dude! The cookie jar is almost empty. Why is this happening, over and over and over?

First though, communism has always been less a discussion topic than a tool, fear tactic and excuse to further a one-sided agenda. Labels like communism, socialism – the list goes on! They’re are always associated with wide division on painful social issues; slavery, suffrage, civil rights etc. The hair stands up on the back of my neck when I hear them. Nuff said.

Why IS this happening over and over again?

I have no idea! That is not pessimism either. That is reality. No explanation currently on the table makes sense to me. Sometimes makes me wonder; mostly jokingly; whether there is something so big and so bad going on in the world right now, that when Mr. Smith walks in the door everybody shouts “welcome Mr. Hyde”. And for some reason they have no choice but to play along. Is something acting as a bullet to our head right now? Some politicians march into DC like vigilantes and immediately proceed to act like the very same crooks they went there to bitch-slap! What’s up with that folks?

Also, here is a bit of advice for the national park service. Grab an enormous tarp, take it to Statue of Liberty and cover up fucking words that are inscribed on her. Resend the invitation or fix the problem. Lets face it, the smart ones get the visas. The illegals….future citizens….they’re just trying to help out now, by saving us all the admin costs…:)

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