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New Nicknames for Numb-Nuts and No-Nuts.

I’m kind of liking Right and Rongney – They’ll do what they say, then we’ll get what they do….R Right in the Nuts. You? Advertisements

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Think Outside the Pen.

Step outside the herd for a moment please. Here is what bugs me about Romney’s tax returns. People assume he is hiding something, and they are correct. They assume it’s the fact that he is rich, and that is incredibly … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter with Romney? Five Points, Man.

Point First off, with Romney-conomics, tons of Programs will get cut. I just might make the Mitt-Math work, if Mitty-Mouth would say what.   TAX CUTS for the Super-Rich and tax cuts for the poor. Axe cuts for the safety … Continue reading

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Houston, We Have a Problem….

In a recent fb post from my nephew about Lance Armstrong, my sister made the conclusion that Lance was an ass. She referred to it as something she hadn’t known. So here’s the problem. I have personally relayed information to … Continue reading

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Pre-Senior (6 1/2 year long) Moment

If you dislike what I have to say, then today is good news for you. There may soon be an apology coming your way. I’m not sure if I am ready to sign my name blood and all, like the … Continue reading

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Mitt Lost the Election Last Night

Romney lost the Middle to a large extent last night. What a pathetic, pandering, deceitful performance. You can’t flatly refuse to answer a question on foreign policy during a live Debate on Foreign Policy. There is no defending him now, … Continue reading

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My Achilles Spiel on Third-Party Politics

Ok, here’s my dilemma and my logic for the choices I made. It’s one I had to come to terms with the first time I registered as an Independent, as have other voters. Am I wasting my vote? If I … Continue reading

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